If you run a blog or online marketing strategy, you must be using social media to promote your content. Those who promote themselves through a WordPress blog often share their posts through Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms.

While this is a great start, marketers should be aware of the ways they can optimize their posts and ensure they look great on any platform, in addition to search engine results.

Thanks to the wide range of plugins available for WordPress, it’s easy to find simple ways to boost your content. Here are a few picks to get you started.


Ideally, users will be sharing content from your site around the web, for example on their Twitter accounts. The goal of shareable content is to encourage other users to visit your site, along with publicising yourself as the author of the content.

However, when they click the ‘share’ button, some of the information you may wish to broadcast may not be a part of it by default. As a result, you may not appear as the original creator until the link has been clicked.

By using Twitter cards, you’ll be able to use rich media elements in order to include your Twitter handle alongside the link to your content when shared.

Other plugins that utilise Twitter cards for rich media include WordPress SEO by Yoast and JM Twitter Cards.

Facebook Open Graph Protocol

Aside from Twitter, your content may also be frequently shared to Facebook. When sharing a post, the user will have the opportunity to make edits to the title, description and image. This may result in titles being cut off or removed, as well as ending up with random images that do not relate to your content.

By installing the Facebook Open Graph Protocol, you’ll be able to take full control over the way your content is shared on the site.

There is an official plugin for the protocol integration as recommended by Facebook, which also offers the chance to analyse your audience further using Facebook Insights.


By using official buttons that allow users to share your content to a variety of social networks, your content is far more likely to be shared. This is down to the fact users are usually more inclined to trust a button or link if it comes from an official source.

Adding buttons for each specific network may take up a fair amount of your time, but with the help of plugins such as DiggDigg, they can all be added automatically in just a few moments.

Google Author Link

By associating your Google+ profile with your content, you’ll be able to establish authority in Google searches. This optimizes your site for social media as any search for your site or content will result in a preview of your name, photo and Google+ profile link.

The Google Author Link plugin is available directly from Google and takes just a few minutes to set up.

Social Metrics Pro

Plugins like Social Metrics Pro can help you analyse the sharing patterns of your content and enable you to discover which of your posts are shared the most on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or other social networks.

You’ll be able to filter your posts by category, date or author to spot trends in shares and help you create new content that can compete with your most popular existing posts.

Have you used any of these plugins to optimize your social media posts? Would you consider using them in the future? Tell us about your plans in the comments – we’d love to hear about your success!