why people are not reading blogs

So, you’ve started blogging. Awesome! But are you wondering why you are not getting new readers frequently? In this blog, we are through seven biggest reasons why people are not interested in reading your blogs.

1. Your content does not create value.

Attention spans are getting shorter and if your blog post does not offer value in the first few seconds of reading it, then readers will simply not continue. Value means to give the reader something new and interesting, with statistics they could find useful. Understand your audience to create content on topics readers could find relevant and which gives them in-depth knowledge.

2. Your blog post does not answer their question.

A headline that grabs attention and has a keyword people are searching for is a good way to draw in new readers. People are probably searching for something they have a question about and if your blog introduction does not show any relevance to the question, they will move to the one that does. Tickle with the introduction and then stick with the intended topic throughout the blog and offer new insights. 

3. Your content is not formatted. 

Blog posts need to use short sentences, have small paragraphs with lists and bullet points. Proofread the post so there are no typos, spelling errors or poor grammar. If your language is not simple, sentences are complex and content is complicated, you will drive the reader away. There are different styles of blog posts so experiment to see what type of content your audience actually wants to read – not just what you think they want.

4. Your content is not engaging.

Do you use images and videos to make your blog more interesting? Pictures and videos draw in readers. Invite feedback and comments by asking a couple of questions in the content. If it is a brand you are writing about, then do not write content that is irrelevant to the brand tone.

5. You are doing too much of promotions.

These are not what readers are looking for on blogs and they could even find them intrusive and irrelevant and avoid your blog. Instead of having lots of promotional stuff on your blog, post regularly and have a schedule for when you will post new content promoting your brand. 

6. Your blog design is unprofessional.

If you have an outdated website that is not optimised for mobile reading, you are likely to lose readers. A responsive website that loads quickly and has short and relevant content will draw in readers more easily. The Internet means getting information as quickly as possible and if your website takes too long to load, readers will move elsewhere. 

7. You are not focusing on social media shares.

If you do not use relevant keywords to optimise your blog for SEO or for social sharing, readers will not be able to find your blog. Optimisation helps in ranking higher and social media engagement helps you get followers will read your blogs. If you want your content to be read, you need to make efforts to make your blog as visible as possible by publishing your blog posts on high traffic social networks.

Blogging is not just about writing creative content, but having creative marketing as well. If you think you are not able to do the marketing yourself, it’s always wise to hire an agency.