Grow Leads And Drive Sales

You may be familiar with seminars within your industry. In fact, you may have even attended a few in order to further enhance your career. Online seminars work the same way, just online! They may range from dedicated, informative talks to workshops designed to boost the skills of the viewers.

What are the benefits of hosting an online seminar?

By hosting a seminar online, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience – worldwide, in fact, should you choose to allow attendees from around the globe. Plus, you won’t have to commit to the effort and expense of hiring a venue.

More people will be likely to attend, due to simplicity. If all attendees have to do is open up a web page, they’ll see the seminar as far more appealing than one they’d have to travel to. Further benefits include the ability to combine your online seminar with advertisements or added links, allowing each viewer to easily click to view your content. With public seminars, it’s possible that a number of attendees may simply go home and forget about sites that were mentioned. Online, however, it’s right there in front of them to view as and when they decide.

As a result of the above combined, you’ll likely notice increased web traffic, leading to potential sales and long-term followers.

What should I bear in mind when setting up a seminar?

  • Firstly, sponsorship could benefit you a great deal. You don’t have to be sponsored by a huge corporation, however being able to add the name of an influential person within your industry, even a popular blogger, will add some credibility to your event and help to persuade people to attend. 
  • Next, you’ll need to ensure the platform you choose is reliable and professional. You don’t want to use a site that’s going to crash when experiencing a high level of viewers. You can use a service that offers interaction tools, such as ratings and chat features to help you engage further with your audience.
  • The promotion is also a key. As an established business, you’ll hopefully already be set up with social media accounts, so use these to promote your upcoming event and explain the benefits of signing up in order to encourage your followers to take part.

I’m not ready to host my own seminar. Is there any way I could take part?

If you don’t feel as if you’re in a position to host your own seminar, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience one for yourself. Follow blogs and social media accounts relating to your industry, especially pages run by those who are influential within the field. You may notice them post advertisements for seminars on a regular basis, meaning all you need to do is sign up and attend!

By attending others’ seminars, you’ll learn how they work, giving you the knowledge you need to someday create your own. It’s obvious how a seminar could be beneficial to both the host and the attendees, so if you feel as if you have something relevant to share with the world, there’s nothing to stop you running an online event to share your expertise.

Have you ever hosted an online seminar? Tell us about your experience and how the event affected your engagement. We’d love to know!