While many bloggers who started out on Blogger (previously known as Blogspot) have since moved on to more technical platforms such as Wordpress, there are still a large number out there who are happy where they are and remain loyal to the platform.

If you’re still a fan of Blogger, here are three tools you should consider if you want to make the most of your blog and further promote your content.

Keep on top of your schedule with Hootsuite.

You’ve probably already heard of Hootsuite from a social media perspective, but you may not know that Hootsuite is also available for Blogger!

Once logged into your Blogger account via HootSuite, you’ll be able to create and edit posts and schedule them for publication at a time of your choice. You can instantly share posts to your social networks, monitor comments and more.

Being able to manage all your blog related tasks from one app makes things even easier, so it’s definitely an app to consider. And once downloaded, you may as well use it for managing your social media marketing plan too!

Add a quick correspondence option with contact form by MyBloggerTricks.

Contact Form is just that – a contact form for your blogger blog! This is a great tool to have if you’re using your blog for business and haven’t yet got yourself set up with a ‘real’ website.

You’ll get to include a simple form that collects the name, email address and message of whoever is looking to get in touch with you, so you can email them back when you’re ready.

You can find Contact Form installation instructions here.

Promote your Blogger posts on social media with Start a Fire.

As any good marketer will know, the content you share on social media should be curated from all over the web – not just your own promotional content.

But many marketers feel that sharing content other than their own has no worth to their campaign – especially if you’re trying to drive traffic from social media to your Blogger blog. To make it more worthwhile, consider using Start a Fire – a free tool that allows you to add your own links to your curated content in a way that’s not so obvious.

Start a Fire will work seamlessly with your social media management tool (namely HootSuite, Buffer, HubSpot or Edgar). You can queue your content with a subtle additional URL that links to a page of your choice that will show as ‘recommended’. This can be your own Blogger blog posts, or anything you want.

Have you tried out any of these tools to make the most of Blogger? If so, let us know about your experiences in the comments section below! Or, feel free to share your own favourite tools!