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Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Top 4 Effective Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new buzzword for marketers who want to improve their online presence and increase their sales. Imagine spending as little as 6 hours a week to increase the visibility, traffic and sales of your company at little or no expense. That’s right! Approximately 90 percent of marketers reported that the social media produced tremendous visibility for their product, and that is only one of its many advantages. The

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Still Using Blogger? Here Are 3 Tools To Consider

While many bloggers who started out on Blogger (previously known as Blogspot) have since moved on to more technical platforms such as Wordpress, there are still a large number out there who are happy where they are and remain loyal to the platform. If you’re still a fan of Blogger, here are three tools you should consider if you want to make the most of your blog and further promote your content. Keep

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5 Signs Your Digital Strategy Just Isn't Working

5 Signs Your Digital Strategy Just Isn’t Working

We all know the importance of a good digital marketing strategy. But sometimes, despite all our best efforts, things just don’t go to plan. If you’ve had a digital strategy in place for a while and haven’t noticed any change or improvement to your engagement, traffic and revenue, it may be that it’s simply not working for you and it’s time for a new approach using some new ideas. So,

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7 Reasons Why People Are Not Reading Your Blogs

So, you’ve started blogging. Awesome! But are you wondering why you are not getting new readers frequently? In this blog, we are through seven biggest reasons why people are not interested in reading your blogs. 1. Your content does not create value. Attention spans are getting shorter and if your blog post does not offer value in the first few seconds of reading it, then readers will simply not continue.

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5 tools to find blog topic

Find Topics For Blogging: 5 Tools For Your Inspiration

Blogging is a beautiful way to express your ideas to the world. If you are doing it well, you may be able to earn some money also. But many of us suffer from lack of topics or ideas for a blog, sometimes. We feel stuck with the same topic and finding something new which will generate page views, seems a difficult task. Continue reading this article on how to generate

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WordPress Plugins To Optimize social media Posts

5 WordPress Plugins To Optimize Your Posts For Social Media

If you run a blog or online marketing strategy, you must be using social media to promote your content. Those who promote themselves through a WordPress blog often share their posts through Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms. While this is a great start, marketers should be aware of the ways they can optimize their posts and ensure they look great on any platform, in addition to search engine

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Top blogging apps

5 Apps Every Blogger Should Try

When blogging on a regular basis, or even as a full-time job, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed and wishing there could be a way to make things slightly easier. Thankfully, there are many apps that can do just that! These apps are ideal for bloggers who are hoping to save time, keep you calm and improve your writing process. Merriam-Webster Dictionary The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is the most popular dictionary

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How Hosting An Online Seminar Could Grow Leads And Drive Sales

You may be familiar with seminars within your industry. In fact, you may have even attended a few in order to further enhance your career. Online seminars work the same way, just online! They may range from dedicated, informative talks to workshops designed to boost the skills of the viewers. What are the benefits of hosting an online seminar? By hosting a seminar online, you’ll be able to reach a

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