Social Media Marketing Tips

Niche Marketing and it's benefits for startups

Niche Marketing: What It Is And How You Can Use It For Your Startup

The truth is that most businesses do amazing things when they start with a laser sharp focus. The more specialized your organization is, the more exclusive you become. Over all, while there may be many branding and advertisement firms out there, there’s just a handful of businesses specialized in naming, building identities, and producing assets with value. No large retailer can be all things to all consumers. Thus, there will

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money Spend On Your Facebook Ads

How Much Money Should You Spend On Your Facebook Ads?

The online space is dynamic, and it is difficult to predict the behaviour of this system. If Facebook had a geographic space, then it would be the most populous in the world. We are sure you get the picture. When it comes to spending money on Facebook advertisements, many people find themselves facing a dilemma. You are probably confused as to whether it calls for minimal spending or does one

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Rebrand social media accounts

20-Step Guide To Rebranding Your Social Media Accounts Without Much Hassle

When a particular business outgrows the vision of its founders, it sometimes runs into an identity crisis that can be addressed only via a social media rebranding process. A Social Media Rebrand is a tedious and involved process that involves thousands of tasks associated with a logo update or a name change. For those organisations and businesses that are highly visible and active on social media, great care must be

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Best Strategies To Increase Digital Brand Awareness

Best Strategies To Increase Digital Brand Awareness For Law Firms

Over the last few years, marketing for law firms has changed drastically. With the rise of digital marketing and the recent pandemic, it’s now critical that any law firm should focus on increasing their digital brand awareness. 20 years ago, lawyers relied heavily on marketing strategies such as matchboxes, phone book covers, newspaper advertisements, etc. The truth is that now law firms need new approaches to compete successfully in today’s market.

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social media quotes

100+ Social Media Quotes For Social Media Managers

Being social media managers ourselves, we understand the pain of looking for good social media quotes to use in our social media content. So here comes the solution!  We are here to help you in your quest to find the best social media quotes there are. Just go through our ultimate list of quotes and find what best suits your tastes. “‘I get a 100% open rate,’ said nobody ever.

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Types Of Social Media Content To Post

91 Types Of Social Media Content For Startups

To keep your brand name constantly on the radar of your potential buyers, you have to come up engaging social media content regularly. The need for coming up with creative and exciting social media content seems to be never ending. Content being the fuel to one’s engine of marketing, calls for a lot of effort and curation. So, here we bring to you a comprehensive list of all the different kinds of

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Types Of Social Media Content To Post

5 Types Of Social Media Content To Post During Natural Disasters Like A Pandemic

By now, you’re already aware of the impact of Covid-19 on the world and on your business. During the on-going lockdown, social media has become more active than ever before. Since people can’t hang out with their friends, customers and prospects in real life, they interact online- on any possible platform. Screen time on social media platforms has increased by 36 percent over the past month, content engagement on Instagram has

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Tips To Marketing Your Startup

7 Tips To Marketing Your Startup During The Lockdown

We are living in times of uncertainty and it will be a while before we can return to our everyday life. Right now, we may save on our car payments, have reduced expenses and regular exercise may suddenly be of interest, but how do you adjust as a business? You might be cautious now of even thinking about marketing your startup if your finances have taken a hit during COVID-19. 

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Startups

15 Social Media Marketing Tips For Startups

The survival of startups is more difficult as compared to that of the big company brands. There is a constant need of finding out new ways of keeping the name of your startup on the radar of all potential customers. Now a good social media marketing strategy comes to your defense here. As you are aware, social media is now quickly becoming one of the most important and necessary aspects of digital

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51 Facebook Post Ideas

51 Facebook Post Ideas For Startups And Small Businesses

As entrepreneurs, we all desire interactive engagement on our startup’s social media posts and want to figure out how to grow our Facebook likes. Being consistent on Facebook is how one can get more visible and fetch more sales and conversions. If you create a post that instantly fetches engagement, then it’s highly possible that Facebook won’t make things difficult for you. This means you could end up appearing on

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