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Should You Hire An Employee Or Agency To Manage Your Social Media

Should You Hire An Employee Or Agency To Manage Your Social Media?

There exists a significant momentum behind companies and industries wanting to enhance the social media presence and ramp up the business results it is producing. There was a time when social media strategy was only practiced by the leading companies as an additional source of advertising and influencing. However, today social media is perceived as crucial for a flourishing business. It’s up to you to master your social media marketing

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ffordable Social Media Management Service

11 Reasons To Consider Socinova’s Affordable Social Media Management Service

From reading through our site and checking out our other blog posts here at Socinova,  we’ve probably already convinced you that hiring a social media management company is a good idea. That’s awesome – we’re sure it’ll result in a lot of great business and an improvement to your digital approach. But what comes next is deciding who that social media management company will be. Will it be us, or are you

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Difference Between Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing

What’s The Difference Between Digital Marketing And Social Media Marketing? Let’s Find Out!

Setting up your marketing strategies can be difficult. You’ve probably come across many marketing terms, such as ‘digital marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’ and wondered what exactly the difference was between the two. What makes them different? Well today, we’re here to let you know! What is digital marketing? Digital marketing is a term that covers all aspects of using digital technologies to market your products and services. While today’s

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Social media and google ads

Facebook Ads And Google Ads: Are They Worth It?

Both Facebook and Google AdWords advertising can be beneficial to businesses, but are they really worth it after looking at the cost? Facebook offer targeted ads that reach users by interests, location or demography, ensuring individuals who are likely to take an interest in your services see it. It’s also worth noting that people spend a lot of time browsing Facebook and chatting with friends than they do using Google,

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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy: What To Post, When To Post, How Many Times To Post

A question we hear a lot from people who are new to social media- “What should I post on social media and when should I post it?”  To answer this question, we’ve collected data from surveys and blogs from around the web and plotted it into the following post. We’ll keep updating it as we get new info. Find your frequency You should measure how many times and at what times

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Social media agency - Socinova

Why You Need A Social Media Agency To Manage Your Social Media

You have to admit that Social Media has become one of the crucial parts of every business and whether you have time or skill for it or not, you have to do it. In this article, we’re going to discuss why you need a social media agency for your business. Need for social media management: Social media has become a useful part of the business operation, even for small scale

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Welcome To Socinova

Today, on 30th June 2014, we’re proud to announce that we are launching Socinova! With Socinova, we aim to help small businesses set up their presence in the world of social media. We believe in the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen, which means one should regularly work for improvement, and that’s what we do. We will continually improve our service and user experience so you’ll get the best from Socinova, now and forever. Get

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