Reading new books is a regular part of our company culture. This book review of “Chanakya in Daily Life” is written by Titan Shardul Ranade, Social Media Executive at Socinova.

The book “Chanakya in Daily Life”, written by Radhakrishnan Pillai, teaches us a lot of things which one needs to learn to tackle the daily problems in life.
Before reading this review I advise that you research a bit about who Chanakya was. Being a master of many subjects, he was also one of the greatest thinkers India has ever had!
The book is essentially divided into three parts:
  • Chanakya in Personal Life
  • Chanakya in Professional Life
  • Chanakya in Family Life
We all know that we have to play these three roles in our everyday lives and the writer has explained each of these in detail. In this review, I will be mentioning 5 points from each part which I liked the most.
Let’s start with the first part which is Chanakya in Personal Life. 
1. Waking up
Chanakya suggests that one should wake up with the right sound of instruments in order to set the good mood. That is why you should choose your alarm tone wisely. The right type of music can wake you up as well as set your mood for the rest of the day.
2. Time for Thinking
One should always take their time and think about what is going to be the schedule for the day. Making a schedule gives you a good idea about the things to be done and helps you prioritise important tasks.
3. Good Food
The right food can help you positively transform your physical as well as mental health. One should also learn basic cooking if they do not have any knowledge. Cooking not only improves your mood but helps you in many other ways.
4. Self Discipline 
Chanakya says there are two types of disciplines. One is internal and one is external. External discipline is enforced by others upon us but what is important is that we should focus on the internal or self-discipline.
5. Life Plan
As we live our lives, we can not expect things to always happen as per our plan. Here, Chanakya says we should maintain a balance. We should plan our lives but we should also just go with the flow. By doing this, we can have a flexible and more fruitful life.
Now, here are the five important points from the second part which is Chanakya in Professional Life. Here we are introduced to the professional life of a person.
1. Going To The Workplace
Chanakya says that everyone should plan the priorities for the day before going to the workplace. Also, starting early in the morning is advised instead of having a late start.
2. Learn from Others & Share Your Knowledge
Life is nothing but a quest for knowledge. Chanakya says one should be a good learner; and they must also strive to train their subordinates. One should reach out to the last person in their organization to impart their knowledge and vision.
3. Decision-making
Right decisions at the right time can change our destiny forever. Every decision no matter how small or big can create a lasting impact on our lives. One must not take anything for granted. For a leader, no matter is less important than others.
4. Documentation
Reading builds a man’s character and writing complements it. We all are different and equipped with different skill sets and knowledge. Imagine the coming generation having your knowledge just by reading your experience. That’s why a wise person should write down their knowledge to pass on.
5. Retirement Plan
You should plan your retirement from your first day in office. As there is an end to our life there is also an end to our professional life. Being well prepared requires that we start early. And while reaching the retirement age, one should start spreading their knowledge to their subordinates as they are the people who will be managing your position in the organization.
Finally, here we come to the last part of the book which is Chanakya in Family Life. Now, here we come to the last part which is your family life. Here, we will be applying the wisdom of Chanakya in our daily life at our home. 
1. Family Duties
To be truly called a successful person, one should also complete their family duties well. Your family plays an important part in your life. Hence, giving enough attention to your family is crucial.
2. Taking Care of Your Family Members
Your family completes you. No matter how far you go, your family is your true home. Having a lovely family is also a great blessing. Chanakya says there are two types of members in a family. The first are the earning members and the second are the non earning members. He says that the earning members of the family should take care of the rest.
3. Secrets of Good Parenting
Parenting is an art as well as science. Chanakya says you should love your child unconditionally for the first five years. For the next ten years, discipline them. And from sixteenth year onwards, treat them as a friend.
4. Irresponsible to Responsible
Every family has its ups and downs as well as some unexpected turns. It may seem easy to show your back and run from your responsibilities. But every now or then we must face them. One should not take any relationship for granted. One is supposed to respect every relationship.
5. Seven Pillars of a Family
Every family structure is based on a few principles. Chanakya identifies the seven pillars of a family as:
  • Swami- The head of the family.
  • Amatya- The life partner
  • Janapad- Children
  • Durg -The house
  • Kosha- The finance
  • Danda- Your supporters and relatives
  • Mitra- Family friends
These seven pillars are important in every family. Even if one pillar is missing, the bond between the other pillars should be maintained.
And that’s my quick review of the book. There are many books in the market which will tell you how to be successful, how to make more money and so on. But this book teaches you how be a GOOD PERSON, and the basic ethics a person must follow. 

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