As a social media marketer, you probably already know and understand the importance and significance of visual content.

But it’s often not quite as simple as just uploading a photo right away. In order to ensure your photos are truly ‘insta-ready’, it can often take a little editing.

What kind of editing?

If you think your photo could do with a  little something extra, you might want to experiment with:

  • Using a filter to alter the colour, lighting, look and feel of the photo.
  • Cropping out unsightly elements in the sidelines.
  • Blurring any personal information.
  • Enhancing the photo’s quality, sharpness and overall effect.
  • Adding fun, eye-catching stickers, graphics or emojis.
  • Using cool effects to make your photo stand out.

As for how to do it, read on to discover some of our hand-picked apps for outstanding Instagram photos.

1. A Color Story

If you feel like you’ve tried every app out there and can’t find a filter or effect you like, maybe it’s time to mix your own. A Color Story lets you play with over 100 filters, 20 tools and 40 effects to create your own edits.

2. Afterlight

Afterlight is similar to Instagram, but has a much wider range of attractive filters to choose from. From vintage to contemporary and textured, you’re bound to find one you like here.

3. Bokehful

Bokeh is a classic and much-loved effect that shows little dots (or shapes) of light across a photo. With Bokehful, you can seamlessly add the effect to your photos.

4. CrossProcess

CrossProcess has over 70 filters to choose from, and has been praised for the similarities between its final results and the original Polaroid cameras. If you’re going for an old-school vibe, this is the one to try.

5. DXP Free

DXP Free lets you add a double exposure look to your photos, while mixing any images you choose. The result is a dream-like look that encompasses the best of both.

6. Facetune

Everyone likes to look their best in photos and Facetune can help. It’s the best app for fixing up portraits and ensuring they look flattering and professional. Great for company headshots!

7. Pxl

Pxl will give your photos a cool, pixilated, graphical look that’s fun if you’re experimenting with art focused images.

8. Quick

Quick is an awesome app for adding text to your images in a way that blends well with and flatters the photo, rather than looking like an afterthought. Essential if you’re looking to use text in your promotional images.

9. Snapseed

Snapseed is a simple app that covers the basics with an excellent result. You can use it to reduce red eye, straighten images, use tilt shift and more.

10. Superimpose

Superimpose is essentially a green screen in app form. You can change backgrounds, move things around, blend images – or, from a business perspective, add your product into any image you choose!

How do you like to edit your photos ready for Instagram, and which are your favourite apps to use? Share your picks in the comments section below!