Are you looking for simple ways to get more online reviews for your business? 

Getting more online reviews from your customers is a crucial part for your business success. If your business is struggling to perform and you do not have enough online customers reviews, then it is time for you to take some strategic efforts to increase that number.

Why does your business need more online reviews?

  • Nearly 90% of the customers say that their online buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. 

  • Around 88% of the customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

  • 45% of consumers develop their opinions after reading 1 to 3 reviews. 

As an entrepreneur, the success of your business is largely dependent on how much positive reviews customers leave on your website and on other social media platforms. Buiding a sustainable brand requires a consistent flow of positive feedbacks from your customers. 

So, let us see some of those strategies through which you can get more positive reviews for your business.  

1. Have many places to leave reviews

It is important that your customers get a chance to leave a reply on the multiple sites such as GoogleFacebookYelp etc. This improves your products or services’ online footprint. Research shows that ‘nearly 60 to 65% of consumers look at Google for reviews. Whereas left 40% look for other websites.’ Hence, catching the other possible platforms is pivotal if you want to have more and diverse reviews. This ultimately helps your brand reach more online audience. 

2. Make it easy to leave reviews

Your customers should not be troubled while leaving a review. If your feedback mechanism is not easy then customers might not leave a review. This will also hamper your brand reach and business in many ways. You can think about tools and resources which can be used to procure reviews for your company. Asking customers to fill the minimum information is also an important aspect of leaving a review. Having a creative, engaging and user-friendly website for your business is crucial if you want more customers to take action.

3. Ask for honest reviews, not positive

Customers are normally less likely to give positive feedback if they feel you are trying to tell them what they should write about you. If your products or services are good enough, asking for their honest reviews would surely result in positive reviews. Let people decide about your business honestly.

4. Incentivise customers to provide reviews

This is one of the ways to attract more customers to leave feedback. Giving them small coupon codes can have more and more customers leaving a review about your products or services. In the end, people love discounts and gifts. If you offer them something exciting, free or discounted, they will spend time for you.  

5. Respond to reviews

Responding to reviews is an important part of your how to get more reviews for your business. It makes people feel great. Respoding to negative feedback is also pivotal. This improves your business’ credibility in many ways. Respecting your customers’ opinions is paramount if you want more customers giving their time for you. This shows how much you care about people’s time and opinions. Giving a constructive and positive reply to those negative reviews is equally important. 

6. Showcase all the reviews

Let your customers know that you value their time and opinions. Showcasing their reviews on your website make them feel respected. It also boosts other customers to leave their feedback on your products or services. 

7. Send email or SMS

You can also start an email campaign that attracts more customers to leave reviews about your products or services. If you send a triggered email asking them to leave an online review, they may do it. You can also send an SMS asking them to spare 1 minute to leave their valuable feedback. 

8. Review request handouts

This is also one of the smartest ways to get reviews for your business. People get attracted to new things and when you provide them with such creative ways to get engaged then they reply. 

9. Dominate social media presence

Your business should have a presence on multiple social media platforms. This gives enough scope to your customers for leaving their reviews. Not all the customers use the same online social media platform, so this makes your brand have a diverse online presence. Once your business has a dominant social media presence, then the possibility of getting more business reviews also automatically increases.

10. Let your website win your customers first

Your business website plays a major role in attracting and getting customers engaged on your site. If your website is well-designed and has a great quality content, then this potentially improves your customers’ online footprint, ultimately making them an active online customer. 

Even if your products or services are good, the customers may not get connected to your website first. And this makes it hard to get more online reviews. So, it is essential for your business to have a well-crafted website, quality SEO content, creative graphic designs and videos which ultimately attract and compel your customers to leave a review about your products or services. 

Final Thoughts

Getting more online reviews for your business is fundamental if your business wants to grow successfully. But for that to happen consistently, your business needs a strong digital presence.

So, before jumping to implement these strategies on how to get more online reviews for your business, let’s first build a solid digital brand!