Facebook is the biggest, most popular social networking site. You probably visit it at least once each day and regularly check in to see how your friends and family are doing too. But what about the site itself? We all know where it came from and when, but there’s plenty more trivia about Facebook that you may not yet have stumbled upon. Here are our ten top things you never knew about Facebook!

1. There are over 600,000 hacking attempts made on Facebook every single day.

This might seem a lot, but it’s true! Over 600,000 attempts are made every 24 hours, according to a Facebook security infographic published by the network.

2. Over one billion people log on to Facebook from a mobile device each month.

A post in the Facebook newsroom reported 1.71 billion monthly active users as of June 30th 2016. To compare, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users and Instagram has around 500 million.

3. There are more users on Facebook than there are people in China – the country with the largest population on Earth.

That’s right – with 1.71 billion monthly active users alone (not even counting those with inactive accounts) this is even higher than China’s population of 1.35 billion.

4. Facebook’s blue theme is down to more than aesthetics.

The decision to use the colour blue was more than just preference. Mark Zuckerberg is actually colour blind to red and green shades. To him, blue is the ‘richest colour’, so he chose it for his site!

5. Facebook tracks the websites you visit – even when you’re not logged in!

Ever wonder how ads can be so specifically targeted to your viewing history? Facebook checks up on you, even once you’ve signed out of the site!

6. The average adult has 130 Facebook friends.

Facebook statistics show that the average user has 130 Friends on Facebook. How does your profile measure up?

7. Collectively, over 900 million hours are spent each month on Facebook games.

Many people use Facebook to play games – either alone or with friends. But the amount of time users are collectively spending on these games is over 900 million!

8. Over 7.5 million sites across the web have Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons installed.

And why not? Installing these buttons is a great idea for helping your posts get shared around the web and boosting your engagement.

9. The ‘Like’ button was almost called the ‘Awesome’ button.

When the concept was first in development at Facebook, it was known to insiders as the ‘awesome button’. The decision to change it was made before the button was rolled out to general users.

10. Yahoo tried to buy Facebook in 2006, for $1billion.

Before Facebook gained the success it has today, Yahoo offered to buy Facebook for $1 billion USD. Clearly, Mark Zuckerberg knew his company would be worth a lot more in the future!

Did you know all of these facts about Facebook? If not, try impressing your friends and colleagues with them – especially if you’re a social media marketer!