LinkedIn has now become the unofficial de facto professional networking site. A good LinkedIn profile goes a long way on your successful online and offline careers. Ineffective or in worse cases evil results may follow a poorly set up profile in top professional networking site. Optimizing LinkedIn profile takes a few necessary tweaks for the start. Advanced level optimization requires a lot of efforts; nevertheless it hardly plays a role if you are not a hardcore internet professional.

Compiled here are the top 10 things you should do to optimize your LinkedIn profile:

  • Claim a proper linked URL from your settings. A correct URL goes a long way in getting your profile page ranked.
  • Upload a suitable profile picture, to make people recognise you without fail. A smiling professional photograph does wonders to your internet image.
  • Use the Summary and Experience menus to showcase a classy portfolio. Simple work samples form a nice portfolio.
  • Don’t overlook the summary menu. Use the 2000 word upper limit to describe yourself in the best way. Short is sweet, but make sure to cover every credential related to your profile.
  • Always remember to optimise your profile headline. The 120-words headline should necessarily highlight the field you jacked.
  • Most people do not know that LinkedIn allows them to re-order the appearance of the sections. But you now know it very well!
  • Get as many recommendations as you can. Recommendations add credit to your profile thereby making it more trustable.
  • Connect with related people of your field. A profile without connections looks as bad as staying in a lonely planet. However, it doesn’t give you license to add professionally idle people.
  • Link your organisation’s page to experience and work information. It helps promote yourself without your domain.
  • Last, but not the least, update your profile regularly. The last thing people trust is an outdated profile.

An optimised LinkedIn profile could land you in the right job, make good contacts, widen up your professional circle, tune yourself for entrepreneurial opportunities, find prospective customers or employers, and may benefit you in many other ways.