Even if your Facebook Page is full of content, it still won’t be much of success unless the content you’re posting is engaging enough to capture the attention of your intended audience.

If you feel that your content could use a little more appeal, check out top ten ways to make your Facebook Page more engaging. They’re sure to give it a much-needed boost that your audience will love.

1. Be as unique as possible.

If your content is just like everyone else’s, what reason would anyone have to stay on your page? Give your audience something exciting and different that will intrigue them.

2. Understand that Facebook is for everyone.

Although you likely have a set demographic in mind to focus on, adding in a little bit of something for everyone is a great approach. After all, Facebook itself has a vast demographic, and you never know who’ll take an interest in your page.

3. You don’t have to use the default landing page – try something new.

Did you know that you can change where users land on your Page? It doesn’t have to be your feed; it can be any of your tabs – so pick a good one!

4. Befriend your fans.

Try to get to know the people who regularly comment on your posts. It’ll give them a reason to keep coming back, as well as showing you care about your relationship with your customers.

5. Integrate content from other social networks.

Give your Facebook audience a chance to see what you post on Twitter or Instagram – even if they don’t have an account themselves.

6. Don’t just talk about yourself.

Share other relevant content from within your industry, such as the latest news or developments to keep things exciting.

7. Use plenty of visual content.

Visual content will do more than just brighten up your feed. It’s also proven that visual content generates more engagement than plain text.

8. Ask questions.

A question is a common type of call to action on social media that is easy for you to do – and easy for your audience to respond to. Ask them a question that relates to your products or services. You’ll likely find they’re happy to share their opinions!

9. Schedule posts for when you’re not in the office.

Keep the ball rolling at all times. If you’re at home in the evening or over the weekend, set up some scheduled posts to keep your page active at a time when more people will be online.

10. Keep going.

If you’re not getting a tonne of engagement right away, don’t give up hope. Just keep going, and you’ll soon find people starting to take notice.


Whether you use just a few of these tactics or try out all of them on your Page, we hope you notice a positive change to your engagement levels. Providing you put in the work, your audience is sure to be thrilled with the results.

What are your top tips for making your Facebook Page more engaging? Share your ideas in the comments section below!