Whether you’re an avid reader of the blog here at Socinova or just have an ongoing interest in how to be successful on social media, you’ll probably already know and understand the importance of visual content.

But with so many people choosing to make the most of photos and graphics, you’ll need to ensure that yours really stand out if you want them to make a significant difference to your campaign.

Read on to learn more about three online design tools you can use for creating awesome social media content.


Canva is possibly the most famous online design tool – known for its ease of use and a wide variety of templates.

You’ll be able to work on a canvas of your own creation, or go with a preset size or template based on your creation’s intended purpose. Types include social media post, letterhead, business card and more. All content is fully customisable with additional designs, graphics, images and text overlays.

Canva is free to use, but you can also purchase additional content, such as templates, photos, graphics and backgrounds, starting at just $1 (USD) each.


DesignBold is fairly similar to Canva; however, it has a few different features and templates that make it unique.

Upon opening, you’ll be given a blank canvas to work with before choosing a template. There’s a template section purely for social media, which provides an 800 x800 pixel image that is suited to all of the most commonly used social media platforms – such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can then add to it (or customise an existing template) with text, colours, photos and graphics.

Although it’s free to use, you can also upgrade to the premium membership if you want or require more content to choose from.

Google Slides

Google has developed so many different products and tools that it’s no surprise they have a visual content tool too!

Google Slides is part of the Google Drive system – which is free to access when you sign up for a free Google account. It’s a great tool to use for presentation style content and has been compared to the likes of Microsoft PowerPoint.

It’s very easy even for beginners to use and allows a variety of formats and images to be used as part of each project. Images can be enhanced further with text or graphics (such as your company logo). So while Google Slides is pretty simple, it’s does what you’d expect it to with no difficulty at all.

As all of these tools are free to use (not including exclusive extra paid content), feel free to go ahead and take a look at each one. Create something new just for fun and see which you get along with – or which provides the best looking visual content to represent your brand.