Just like for all social media networks, there is a right way to use Instagram for a great marketing strategy. Using Instagram effectively can give you 25% more engagement than other social media networks. Posting interesting pictures is only the beginning and keeping the users engaged requires a little bit of clever strategy.

Use the right hashtags

Hashtags have become extremely important just like keywords. Using the right kind of hashtags on your photos or images makes it easy for people to find your photos when they use specific terms. To tag your photos appropriately, keyword research is important. This will ensure you are using the relevant hashtags with terms that people are searching for. The hashtags that you use should describe your brand, but they must also match the searched Instagram terms. They must also be specific to your industry like food and eateries for food companies. Online sites like IconoSquare and Webstagram can help you to find the relevant hashtags. Use popular hashtags that are close to your brand, or as related as possible, as these will be able to get you more engagement from users interested in your brand that could lead to sales.

Use user generated content – Regram

Re-gramming is a term that is used to engage Instagram followers by posting someone else’s photos on your page and crediting them. This way the owner of the photo gets a shout-out from a brand and an increased exposure. The message the audience gets from this is that you are paying attention to the network and especially to them and that you, as a brand, are willing to share their content with your own brand. It excites people to know that a popular brand likes their photos. This builds a relationship, and other users also get into a competitive mood. They would also like to see their photos with your brand and so they begin posting and sharing their photos with you. You could also organise a photo contest through Instagram for more engagement and encourage them to submit more photos. You could also use pages of other brands that have a similar audience but which have a bigger following than yours, so it is mutually beneficial to both to give a shout-out.

Use call to action cleverly

Call to actions on Instagram can appear on the image or in the caption. If you use images that are fun and that encourage people to tap on their favourite colour, flavour, etc., then they become enjoyable and, therefore, engaging for users. You can also use a location for call to action. 

Have you been using Instagram based on these guidelines? If yes, let’s talk about your success stories in the comments!