Would you believe Instagram receives more visitors than Twitter? Believe it or not, this is actually true. Instagram is one of the most trendy social media platforms today. It is a photo sharing application which both young and old utilizes. With Instagram, people can share what is happening to them at the very moment, with which place they have visited during the weekend, or a simple #OOTD or Outfit of the Day post. For online businesses, they have been also considering the great help of Instagram to the marketability of their branded product.  Knowing the fact that millions of people are using Instagram all over the world, this only goes to show that there is a significant possibility that their service or product will receive, if not a lead purchase, at least awareness that it is available online.

However, it is very possible that businesses sometimes lack the time in visiting their Instagram account and uploading new pictures due to prior engagements. If this is your case, you should now look for innovations on how to solve this problem.

Do you wonder what can help you solve this issue, in the most efficient and easy way? Well, there are tools that you can use to schedule your content on Instagram. Some of them are usable in computers only while others can be used through mobile only.  For few other tools, they can be used at both gadgets.  These tools are very useful especially if you are unavailable and busy with other things. Here are some of the most useful tools you can use to schedule your Instagram content that is known to be simple to use and without any hassle.

1. TakeOff. TakeOff claims to be a smart Instagram scheduler which people, most especially businesses, can use to schedule their content on Instagram together with the appropriate hashtags to acquire more exposure.  Currently, the application is readily available for use on Android and iOS devices. The features of the app include:

—The user interface of the tool is simple and easy to understand

—It recommends the best hashtags to use to elevate your post’s potential to viewers

—The app schedules your Instagram posts automatically at the right time, right after assessing the behavior of your audience.

2. ScheduGram is a reliable and easy-to-utilize web-based tool used for scheduling Instagram updates. With this app, you can upload a photo or multiple videos and photos. Once you finish uploading, you can as well edit them using the app through retouching, cropping or adding some effects. When your videos or photos are ready for posting, schedule the posting and ask for a notification through email once they have uploaded the photo or video at your given time schedule.

3. Latergramme is another scheduler for Instagram posts. It can be used from a mobile iOS and computer browser. Its features include:

— Easy planning and scheduling Instagram posts

—Upload images through phone or the web

—Get scheduled photos pushed to your mobile phone

—Easy management from mobile or web app

In general, these are all useful apps. Explore these apps and look which works for the best of your need and preference.

Happy Instagramming!