According to a study, about 84 percent of smartphone users opt for social media platforms to look up for products before purchasing. Helping grow this trend, there have been quite a few innovations in the recent times to social media for the retail industry. 

Today we are going to discuss our favourites of them!

1. Pinterest Lens

This discovery tool shows you related goods based on the objects your camera points at. For example, if you take a picture of an avocado, the app will directly give you the guacamole recipe. You can even snap a picture of a sandal and Pinterest Lens will show you the similar styles and also different outfits to pair them with.

This brilliant feature in Pinterest promotes the search and discovery aspect of Pinterest by taking the collecting and building Pin boards towards better searchability.

2. Like to Know It

Do you often wonder where a fashionista bought an outfit from?  Like to know It is an app which helps you find it out yourself. This app is integrated with Instagram and allows the users to take and upload screenshots of clothing which they discover in their feeds. Followingly, the Like to Know It users can also purchase the products directly from the app.

On the flipside, this app also makes it easy for the brands, bloggers, and influencers to market clothing and accessories on Instagram. It also helps understand how users are consuming media on social media. It makes sense to deliver content to them directly.

3. Instagram Shoppable Photo Tags

Instagram has come up with a new shopping feature which is; shoppable tags. With this feature, you can now tag the products in photos similar to the people in the photos. This feature helps you find out more about a product. Users can press a “tap to view products” button for revealing prices, description, additional photos, and a “shop now” button for purchase. As a number of people use this platform for online window shopping, this step taken by Instagram is a logical one.

With this feature, brands can now make better use of Instagram for business. Rather than using the ads and retail landing pages, retailers can now use Instagram as a discovery, marketing, and sales tool.

4. Polyvore

Polyvore boosts itself as a community style site. This social media platform is best used for creating sets and collages of the products from different online retail stores. You can mix and match these products like apparel, jewelry, and accessories with the Polyvore’s creation tool. When you click over it, details of the product and a link to purchase will also appear.

Nowadays, Polyvore has become one of the most effective social platforms for eCommerce sites for driving traffic and sales.

5. The MasterPass Facebook Messenger Bots

MasterCard and Facebook Messenger have now joined hands to give a new kind of customer experience. The MasterPass is a digital wallet service which enables users to carry on complete transactions over Facebook Messenger. This social media innovation is a perfect example of new ways consumers are interacting with brands and businesses.

Social media has been constantly innovative in 2018 and we assume it’ll continue to do so in 2019 too!