If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn in a while, it might be time for a refresh. If that’s the case, check out our five ‘must do’ tasks to keep your LinkedIn up to date and give it a new, exciting lease of life that is bound to entice prospective clients, business partners, employees or whoever else you want to see it.

1. Update your branding

If your profile is looking a little dull, updating your branding could be just what it needs. Add your company logo, a bright new header and some photos and clips that keep your profile consistent with your brand across other social media sites.

Not only will it help to give your business a cohesive online look, but it will also boost cross-platform recognition and engagement.

Depending on the styles you choose, it will brighten up your profile and make it even more appealing overall.

2. Update your experience

It’s easy to let a LinkedIn profile get outdated, but what about that cool new role or awesome project you did recently? Don’t you want to show it off?

Making sure your profile is up to date will give you more chances to tell prospectives about your experience – and how it’s brought you to the point, you’re at now.

3. Make sure your links are correct

To encourage your LinkedIn connections to check out the rest of your online profiles and content, you’ll need to ensure that all your links are correct and up to date.

This includes your company website, Facebook page, Twitter and anything else that’s relevant to your brand.

It’s an easy and free way to generate click-through actions!

4. Publish something new

One great aspect of LinkedIn is that it’s more than just creating a profile – you can also publish content for others to enjoy, regardless of whether they want to work with you professionally.

With LinkedIn Publisher, you can post your articles and content for anyone to read, which is useful for sharing your thoughts on industry topics and trends – as well as proving yourself to be an industry authority if the information you post is valuable.

5. Make sure your company page is consistent too

As well as your personal profile as a business owner, you may also have a page to represent your company itself. This should be updated regularly to ensure it matches the same overall look and feel as the rest of your social profiles – including your personal LinkedIn.

Your imagery should be relevant to your brand, and all descriptions should be well written and illustrative of what your business does.

You can also post updates from your business page, letting your professional audience know what you’ve been up to.

Are you a regular LinkedIn user? Do you often make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date? If so, tell us about what’s on your check list and what you’ve been focusing on updating. We can’t wait to read your tips in the comments!