Pinterest has become a huge internet sensation over the last few years. For those who are familiar with the site know that one can go there and find recipes, craft ideas, and so much more with just a few keywords. For those who aren’t, here’s a quick explanation on how Pinterest works- You can either create an account or use it as a guest. If you create an account, you can enter a few keywords in the search bar for what you’re looking for. From there, Pinterest displays all the results for search keywords known as “Pins” and allows users to save them to “Boards” where you can “Pin” them for later reference. Likewise, you can also create your own boards to share your own crafts, recipes, etc. with others. 

While few like to think of Pinterest as another social media platform, in fact, Pinterest is more about connecting people, their ideas and common interests than just being a social media network.

Top 5 myths about Pinterest Marketing

  1. Pinterest is a social media platform hence it can be used for marketing like other social networks: Pinterest currently allows users to interact with each other on a very small scale. For the most part, when someone finds something they like on Pinterest, they have the ability to save it to their board. In this way they’re saying they like the idea, and want to try it out for themselves. Unlike places like Facebook and Twitter on which you’d likely see long conversations about a particular topic, Pinterest rarely holds such big conversations. A unique approach is needed for marketing on Pinterest.
  2. Pinterest is an excellent way to generate sales for any business: Well, not so right! Pinterest is a great way to share your passions with other people and get new, creative ideas. However, because of the small demographic target audience, only certain companies can manage to get sales from Pinterest (at least for now). This sounds a bit depressing, but that’s the truth. Consumer product companies dominate Pinterest for now.
  3. Pinterest is just about the images: Again, this isn’t true. Pinterest allows you to caption the pins you place on your board. Many don’t take advantage of those captions and leave the fields blank. What they don’t understand is while the pictures are great, it’s those captions that work as keywords to help show your images to the right people. Also, recently Pinterest started a new set of pins called ‘How-to Pins’ which allow even more information with the pictures.
  4. Pinterest makes for great traffic for any website: Yes and no. Though Pinterest is the second biggest referral traffic generator for websites, it’s still largely limited to topics like fashion, food, DIYs and similar stuff.
  5. Your social media manager can take care of all the things: Unfortunately, most people set their manager to work through the hours of nine to five. However, peak times for pins seem to occur much later during the night hours. You can use pins scheduler and other tools, but few things like creative decisions may need to be taken by you only if you are a small business owner.
Pinterest is an excellent social media platform, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean every small business need to be on Pinterest right now. You should run a social media audit of your business to check if there’s a potential on Pinterest for you.