YouTube is a well know social media platform across the world. This American video uploading website has grown over the years and is now being considered as a serious career option. 

‘YouTubing’ not just helps in gaining popularity but also earns you a good amount of money, depending on the number of subscribers and views you get per video. It does not matter if you are an individual YouTuber or are a company. Thus, we are listing down some of the qualities you need to have to become popular on YouTube:

1. Stay consistent.

Being consist regarding posting videos is the first and most essential rule of good YouTubing. You must remember that viewers have subscribed to you because they like your channel and are expecting more videos from you frequently. Whether you have 100 subscribers or a 1,00,000, posting on a regular basis will make sure your viewers feel a connection with you. PewDie is one of the most popular channels on YouTube with more than 57 million subscribers. This channel posts new videos every day, sometimes two videos per day!

So, make a habit of posting frequently. You can start with one video per week. 

2. Create a unique identity.

The world is becoming a smaller place with information that is now readily available across the globe. There are literally hundreds of videos on YouTube for every topic. As a matter of fact, 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute! So, for example, if you are a cooking channel, you need to make sure that the quality of your content is better than others, and that you have something unique in it. Maagchi, a Korean Chef who currently lives in New York, makes videos about authentic Korean recipes. She is extremely interactive and narrates her personal experiences while cooking. She is loved by viewers all over the world, reflecting in her 2 million followers and counting!

Another important thing is to invest in a good quality camera. Nobody likes to watch low-quality videos these days.

3. Go for quality content.

We’ve seen many YouTubeing brands compromise on the quality of their video content once they reach a high number of subscribers. The core of your video engagement is the content which helps you gain subscribers and fans. Thus, make sure that your video content is worth your viewer’s time. You can try different techniques of video editing as a tool to make your content engaging.

Sanam, an Indian Band, is one the most popular YouTubers of 2017. They’ve put together beautiful melodies and music that are loved worldwide, reflecting in the 2.7 million subscribers.

4. Incorporate products in your videos.

If you make shopping guides, hauls, how-to-do’s or DIY’s, we are sure that there are a million products that are used in the process. May it be the makeup accessories or outfits, etc. Try to incorporate them into your video descriptions. This will not only seem flattering to the brands whose products you are mentioning, but will also bring out your style statement or preferences, leading to your trend. Another benefit is that your viewers will get direct access to the links so they can quickly make a purchase. This will build you a sort of viewership loyalty which you can bank on later.

It might also get you offers from multiple brands about creating a collaborative or sponsored video! Insider, a group that captures unique kinds of food across the world, relies on this because they are directly talking about food at different restaurants and cafes.

5. Keep the audience in mind and make sure you entertain.

You also need to make sure that your content is entertaining. Just do what your target audience likes. If they want you to sing, sing. If they want you to dance, dance. Viewers lookout for content that is interactive and entertaining. There are almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day!


Thus, now that you know some of the tactics to becoming popular on YouTube, use them to the fullest. If you are a company, you have an advantage over the individuals because you can invest the time and money to get the best of everything that can express your core values via your videos. So get started on YouTube today!