Business promotion sites

Some sites just can’t be overlooked, immaterial of the current trend, when you are trying to promote your business online. The concepts of important business-related sites are all different. Some sites help engage with audiences, while some focus on optimizing online presence. Let’s look at the five top sites from various genres, which shouldn’t be overlooked:

Google Places:

Registering on Google Places helps people find your business more easily through search. As a bonus, your company can be found on the maps too. It’s a shortcut to make search result for your company visually more appealing. The registration process is really simple, where you are required to fill out a simple form and wait for confirmation. Confirmation generally takes a phone call. Bing and Yahoo Local are other honorable mentions in this type of sites.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. You got all your workers, experts in the field, prospective customers and even associated suppliers in it. Signing up as a company and creating a profile is the way to begin. Add your employees and associated people as connections on your profile. LinkedIn profile looks more reliable and credible than most of your business review site profiles.


A picture is worth more than a thousand bunch of words put together. The visual appeal tends to possess the unspeakable attractive power, which hooks up the follower to a brand or business. Showing a collection of your product’s photograph, infographic, and other creative pictures tend to catch more eyes. Picasso and Facebook albums are other honorable mentions in this type of sites.

Slide Share:

No one is against excellent content and presentation. To reach an executive-level audience, some sophisticated presentation is required. Slide presentations are simpler and presentable. You can create a new account there and upload all your presentation, which can be embedded at many places.


With 10 million and more unique visitors a day, Craigslist houses high-quality traffic. Listing on Craigslist is completely free. Targeting local or regional traffic is a real possibility, thanks to its region wise listing feature. 

Were you overlooking these sites? Which important sites did we miss?