Being a social media manager isn’t only about posting content to any business’s social media accounts. It has become a complex, multi-faceted role which aims to help a company to achieve its social media marketing goals.

So if you are a small business owner looking to hire a social media manager, or else an aspirant who wishes to step in this field, here are the five skills which makes a great social media manager.

1. Proficient knowledge of graphics production.

Visual content is the soul of any good social media marketing strategy.

  • Blog posts with images receive 94% more views as compared to those which do not have any graphics
  • Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than those without
  • Facebook picture posts get 120% more engagement as compared to other types of content, except video

Especially for the businesses in fields like fashion, lifestyle, food, etc. images are even more critical. As the whole point of marketing for such brands is showing off their work. 

As you can see, it is important that your social media manager is equipped with excellent graphics production skills. It is not imperative to have extraordinarily advanced photoshop skills, but a good sense of design and editing skills will go a long way for social media marketing.  

2. A considerable flair for writing.

Along with graphics production, a social media manager should have substantially good command over English and relevant languages. They should be able to express their thoughts clearly via writing. Even though your social media manager may not be 10/10 in writing content, they should have a witty and crisp sense of writing as they will be communicating with customers daily.

3. A customer-service oriented mindset.

To be really great at social media marketing, your social media manager must have a customer-service oriented mindset. They must be good at posting to-the-point content to help customers understand fast. Also, your manager should always strive to give a quick response to questions and complaints of the customers on social media.

They should have a “customer first” mindset, and have the ability to move difficult questions offline. A good social media manager knows that your social media reputation is important for your brand identity and makes sure that it remains positive.

4. A good understanding of SEO and content marketing.

An excellent understanding of SEO and content marketing is a must for any good social media manager. They should have a big picture understanding of how to promote your blog and social media content which fits into search rankings, and how all content operates within the business’s marketing channels. Your social media manager should understand how to reach out to your target audience on social media and engage them.

5. Experience in social media advertising.

According to a recent study, social media advertising is one of the top two priorities for marketers this year. In reality, 70% of marketers claim that they plan to increase their expenditure in this area in the coming year. Unlike traditional modes like magazine, TV or newspaper ads, these days, social ads are creating a great impact. This is why a social media manager must understand how to utilise social ads to take advantage of these opportunities to upscale their organic social media efforts.

Convinced that you should work with only a skilled social media manager? Great! But then consider the cost of doing so. Hiring a full-time social media manager can be pretty expensive.

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