As the year 2019 is on our doorsteps, we need to think about the marketing and promotion strategies for our businesses with a new perspective. What worked in 2018 might not work in 2019!

Here are five tips and suggestions to help you to frame your 2019 social media marketing plan.

1. Carve out a plan and stick to it.

If you do not have a strategy, then your marketing content can never work efficiently. So you need to set a limit of posting content per day for improved effectivity in 2019. This number can be adjusted as per your goals. You can check your competitors’ posts to see the ideal amount of content to publish per day on every channel. 

Set up a shareable publishing calendar, and provide a column for your colleagues in your content team to add their feedback for your posts. Teamwork makes the dream work!

2. Treat each channel differently.

Every social channel has to be dealt with as a separate entity. For instance, LinkedIn needs to be focused on a business-first audience looking for in-depth, educational content. On the other hand, Instagram is about an audience looking for engaging visual content. You need to pay attention to your followers and target audience and then publish the content which appeals to them.  

3. Go above & beyond in customer service.

Given to the lack of communication, the disgruntled potential lead turns to the competitors to seek answers for their questions. On the other hand, when you deliver a thoughtful response promptly, that particular customer is flattered and intrigued to your brand.

To achieve this, you can take certain steps. You can assign a first responder to post and monitor every channel for your brand. Also, you can create a troubleshooting library of common customer service issues that arise, and how to handle them. Be creative and use giveaways, and a sense of humour to engage followers & convert them into free brand promoters. 

4. Learn from your mistakes.

Rather than ignoring your mistakes, you must embrace them. I am not saying that when a comma is missed in a tweet, you should announce this small grammar error, but DO NOT delete the tweet. It has already been published, and followers are more likely to notice if you are continuously re-posting.

For serious mistakes, like a product shipment error or multiple charges to a customer’s credit card, you’ll want to respond in an apologetic, actionable manner proactively, and send out content from your social accounts apologizing and addressing how the error is being handled, so customers are aware.

5. Keep a track.

Tracking is often thought of as a tedious and time-consuming process. Well, you are right, because it needs you to take a few hours out each month and review some super complicated metrics. But these numbers important for your business to compare to your largest competitors and get a sense of how things can be improved.

At Socinova, we try to make things easy for you. We come up with effective social media marketing strategies which help you to fulfil all your marketing needs effortlessly.

We have an experience of working with a lot of clients from versatile fields and from various regions. Trust us with your social media marketing in 2019 to see your brand grow like never before!