Brands are always on the lookout for new ways to more easily and effectively connect with their target audience. Brands are slowly phasing out traditional methods in favor of digital marketing.

Compared to some other marketing channels, social media marketing has helped businesses of all niches gain traction for less marketing dollars spent. Instagram is one of the platforms which has seen a meteoric rise and offers consistent growth for business applications.

Instagram has a billion people logging in each month which means that any brand has huge potential to find and connect to their audience.

How Does Instagram help your business?

Over the years Instagram has built its dominance in social media for business. Let’s look at some incredible statistics which can further illustrate how effective Instagram can be for brands seeking to expand their customer base.

  1. 95% of the top 100 brands have an Instagram account
  2. 80% of the users follow a brand 
  3. 1 out of every 3 most viewed Story posts are by brands
  4. 50% of all brands post one story per month

All these numbers are proof of how effective Instagram is as an enterprise website. if you are a brand owner, these figures should definitely make Instagram a much more appealing platform.

Instagram is the fastest growing social media network for your business!

Instagram is definitely one of the best social media platforms on which brands can invest in the future. Instagram has been reputed by many authority websites as the fastest growing social network for business. Here are a number of strategies to get the most out of your Instagram account:

1. Engagement With Your Audience 

Engagement numbers are important for your company to grow. The long-term goal of your brand’s social media account should be to draw not just followers in interaction. For optimum engagement a brand needs to make sure they connect with their audience.

2. Tell Your Brand “Story”  

Instagram is a high engagement platform but the overall engagement increased even more when they added Stories. Instagram Stories are short video clips which only have a 24 hour lifespan.

3. Analyze Everything 

When using Instagram for business, make sure you record accurate metrics on everything related to your brand to keep track of your progress over time. There are several reporting tools for Instagram which you can use to get the most out of your Instagram account and find out what works best for your brand.

4. Creating a Strong Instagram Bio  

There’s an Instagram bio where you need to get creative and let your audience know about your brand. You can showcase the personality of your brand here but remember to not go overboard with it. The key is to be loyal to your personality on the brand.

You can include URL here, so make sure you do. If it’s too long, we suggest you use a shortener for the URL to make your bio look compact. The biggest CTA is a good Instagram bio so make sure you make it as attractive and clickable as possible.

5. Get Influencers Onboard

Influencer endorsements are one of the most powerful ways to grow Instagram account on a brand. Influencers are people with considerable numbers of followers and engagement who have a lot of social media leverage. And choosing the right kind of influencer for your brand is crucial. Celebrity influencers may have a huge number of followers, but it’s also important to fit in with your brand.

While using Instagram can be a useful aspect of your Instagram marketing strategy, it definitely isn’t something that can produce results overnight. However, Instagram as a platform offers you a very powerful foundation from which to reach your customers and other brands alike.