We can easily compare building traffic on social media with getting traffic in and out of the city, similar to a city planner. Traffic can easily be generated on your website through a lot of different ways. And one of the most important ways you can attract quality traffic to your website is through social media platforms. However, boosting your traffic through social media can be quite challenging. And if you don’t have sufficient advertising budget for the purpose, then you might find it hard to maintain. Paid methods can certainly help you boost traffic on your website.

How Can You Boost the Traffic to Your Website via Social Media?

If you are able to engage as well as build relationships with people on social media platforms, then it will certainly lead to an increase in the traffic on your website. You need to be available to your customers, potential buyers as well as brand loyalists in order to guide them through the buying process.

All the social media platforms operate differently. Hence, it’s important to understand a few tricks to boost your social media traffic. Your content is the key to your presence and your success on social media. Follow these five steps in order to increase traffic on social media platforms.

1. Create Mobile-First Content

Almost everyone has access to a smartphone these days. And if you are a business owner or a marketer, then you should understand the importance of mobile-friendly content. People love spending their time on social media from their smartphones. They even love reading the latest news on their smartphones. People don’t have much time to log into their laptops and access their social media profiles there.

Hence, you should seriously consider these factors. If most people are using smartphones for various purposes, then your content should be built in such a way that they are able to read it on their smartphones easily. The share button is the key. They should easily be able to press that “Share” key on their mobile. If your audience finds it harder to share your content, then they will not even bother coming back to you.

2. Visuals are the Key

If somebody says that “first Impressions aren’t important,” then they are just lying. There’s a lot of content on the internet. And if you want your readers to be impressed by yours, then you should add amazing visuals to the content on your website. Visuals are a big factor that help your clients understand your content accurately. Providing them with visuals help increase the probability of conversions. The best of the social media posts generally include:

  • Visual stories
  • Amazing photography
  • Well-designed layouts and vibrant colours
  • Consistency and planned out content
  • Products and services in a proper light

3. Consistency About Social Media Posting Matters

You need to be consistent with your plan. You shouldn’t quit before-hand. You will face a lot of ups and downs during your social media marketing campaign. And it shouldn’t let you scratch plans for your campaign and throw it all away. The more consistent you are with your posts on social media, the higher chances you stand of succeeding.

You should come up with a post daily. Make use of a social media calendar in order to schedule posts for each and every day. Here is the ideal social media posting frequency for various social platforms: 

  • LinkedIn: Post 2-5 times/week
  • Instagram: Post 1.5 times/day
  • Twitter: Tweet 5 times/day
  • Facebook: Post 3-10 times/day

4. SEO is Also Important

Your content should be on-point and accurate, as well as effective. You should understand the importance of a well-written piece of content for your website. You should research the relevant keywords as well as the best practices for an ideal SEO strategy.

Here’s how SEO can be beneficial in boosting your social media traffic:

  • Increase in your social media traffic via search engines
  • Directly helps you connect with your potential customers
  • Helps you strengthen your brand integrity and helps you spread awareness about your brand.
  • Conversions
  • Helps you improve your visibility online

You are not only helping yourself by improving the SEO on your website. Instead, you are helping your potential customers as well as customers to navigate and explore your business on your website in a user-friendly manner.

5. Your Competitors are Also Online

You should understand how well your competitors are doing. They will be having an effective marketing strategy, as well. The main point to investigate is whether their marketing strategy is helping them attract traffic. And if yes, why? You should take inspiration from them and try to understand how their marketing strategy is better than yours. You should try to get the following insights from your competitors:

  • Most engaging social media channels
  • Do they interact with their potential customers, and if yes, how often?
  • How many times do they post in a day or week?

You should take into consideration how they interact with their potential audience. By taking inspiration from their strategies, you can surprise them, and they won’t even see you coming! If you are able to come up with digital marketing strategy which is a better version of theirs, you win. You should try to understand what kind of content of theirs is driving the most social media traffic.

Generating traffic on social media platforms isn’t a piece of cake, and you should carry out thorough research for this process. But with the help of the above tips, you can  make your way around and generate a good amount of social media traffic. Good luck!