You have reached out to a wide audience but don’t know how to maintain consumer loyalty?

Let’s first understand what consumer loyalty actually means. This is a term used for a consistent, positive and emotional attribution for a brand. It is an experience a person receives when the brand satisfies his needs with their products and services.  So in short, when people prefer buying your products over other brands, they are happily loyal to your brand.

So in this post, you will learn how social media can help you increase your brand’s customer loyalty.

1. Listen to your consumers.

While you monitor brand sentiments, make sure you find out what the consumers feel about your products. You can do this in the following ways-

  1. Understand consumers’ most preferred social media platform. Out of all your social media accounts, one of it would have the highest engagement. It could be Instagram, for example. So you will know where your posts will have the highest impact and conversion ratios.
  2. Comprehend which of your products or services are regularly talked about.
  3. Encourage and address as many praises consumers leave for your products.

Understand the type of content they share, like photos that tag you with your products or use specific hashtags denoting your brand.

2. Outline an engagement plan.

Getting conversations is the next step that will help grow the consumer relationship stronger. This is where you proactively supply a value that your consumers are seeking. As you build a stronger bond, the loyalty will also increase.

For this, you can create a content calendar. Always pre-plan the posts that will be going up on your social media platforms. Target your audience but incorporate business goals, promotions and new launches. Seasonal campaigns are also one of the best ideas.

3. Identify and embrace active advocates of your brand.

As for consumers, brand loyalty is perceived as the value they get from the relationship. If they feel your brand values them at all times, they will automatically have a fondness for your brand over other companies.

One of the best ways to influence consumers is by influential marketing. Get one of the famous influencers like actors, models, YouTubers, etc. to show their love for your brand in some way. This could be an advertisement, a product review, a tagged photograph, a referral code, etc.

When your consumers see their favourite influencer using the same products, they will be more attached to your brand.  

4. Offer a reward program.

Once you have identified the influencers apt for your brand, it is time to outline a conversion tactic. It is essential for you to maintain consistency with the person and ensure the value of your brand and the influencer. Here’s how you can offer a reward.

  • Provide unique or special content. This could be a most-requested recipe, a how-to-guidance or a behind-the-scenes video. Anything that is an extra-information about your brand or products is always looked upon eagerly, by consumers from across the world.
  • Offer a sneak-peek. If you are launching a new store, new collection, new services, etc, offer a sneak-peek to a certain number of customers. For example, on the launch of new products, you can give a discount to the first 100 customers visiting your store. For a new collection of outfits, you can provide a glance of the clothes via emails, of people who register for the facility.
  • Offer loyalty points for people who shop online. When people buy your products and services from your website, offer them some loyalty points. This will keep them hooked, feel satisfied with the benefit and would want to make another purchase by converting those points.

5. Measure your response.

In the end, you achieve success by increasing the number of consumers each day. So look out for social media engagement and following. Create content that your viewers will like and share. You can also go with email marketing for lead generation and conversions. Keep track of how much reach you receive in different kinds of content and during what time of the day or night. This will help you sort out the exact time for posting any content. Measure the engagement you receive on each platform and consider strategies accordingly.  


So, now that you are aware of how social media can increase your consumer loyalty, it is time you get started with affordable social media management already. Social media is the key to digital success today, and consumer loyalty helps in facing competition!