You may have heard this many a time that social media marketing has the potential to help you multiply your revenue and expand your business. True, however; in recent years, social media marketing has become increasingly competitive and commercially-saturated. You can see that the organic reach is now ever declining and almost all social networks are getting ‘pay to play’. 

Here are six hard truths about social media marketing which you need to know, accept and design your social marketing strategy accordingly with.

1. Not all social media marketers get a positive ROI.

Although it is a fact that about 77 percent of marketers use at least one social media channel to market their business, merely 48 percent of companies claim to get a positive ROI.

2. It takes noteworthy time and effort to be successful.

Social media marketing isn’t something that you can do on the weekends and start getting instant revenue or conversions. It requires significant time and efforts to create a successful social media presence. To start with, you need a detailed understanding of your target market. Also, it is essential that you craft your messaging carefully and time your posts proficiently. Moreover, you have to be consistently active and should provide your viewers with engaging content for months before you see a return on the investment.

3. The meaning of a “return on investment” may be different for everyone.

The meaning of ROI can be different for everyone based on their parameters of measuring. Is it the number of website visitors from social media? Or the actual increase in sales? The concept of ROI differentiates from company to company. However, it would help if you kept your parameters accurate.

4. ROI from social media marketing depends on other marketing channels.

In many cases, the strength of your social media campaign is dependent on the effectivity of other marketing channels. Brands with big advertising budgets spent on marketing efforts or those with an already-existing audience tend to get more advantages from social media marketing as compared to those who do not invest much otherwise.

5. Some industries are naturally better suited to social media marketing.

Although every company and any business has the potential to see a positive ROI by using social media marketing, some industries will have an easier time as compared to others. For example, think of consumer brands like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. Soft drinks are a part of everyone’s life so marketing them on social media is relatively easier than, say, CFO services provided by a finance company.

6. Explosive growth through social media marketing needs some luck.

Sometimes it happens that only one viral piece of content can rapidly scale your social media presence from “average/amateur” to “professional”. Sometimes, even if you have all the “right” things done, still you may not get the expected results. Sometimes, someone else’s content might get ten times more shares than yours only because it was timed differently, or because the right person happened to view it first.  

Although these are some hard facts regarding social media marketing, these do not mean that you should abandon your social media marketing campaigns. Instead, you should be more determined and use the platforms more effectively. But how will you do that? Well, that’s why we are here!

Simply outsource your social media marketing to us and watch us take care of everything while you focus on your business and life!