Social media marketing is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses, and especially for start-ups. Most people follow brands online and can get converted into your long-term customers if you do it right. Social media can give your brand the much-needed boost you have been waiting for!
It can, however, prove to be a daunting task. In fact, more than 92% of business owners that are millennials claimed that they tried social media marketing and ended up quitting because of the overwhelming responsibilities of the job.

So what are the major challenges business owners face while trying social media marketing? Keep reading to find out.

1. Not Knowing Where to Begin

You’ve decided that you’ll use social media for your business. Awesome. Even got a computer to start? Amazing! But now, how will you ACTUALLY start with it? Will you create accounts on multiple networks and begin with posting content? Or start with one and add more later? What material are you planning on posting? The questions are countless and not having a fair idea of what’s to be done can get you in trouble. 

You can avoid this by researching the networks you are planning on using, similar businesses that are employing them successfully and so on.

2. Not Being Able to Select the Right Social Networks

How can you create an effective social media strategy when you have very little to no clue about which networks to choose? With so many options at hand, it can be overwhelming to determine whether your business needs to use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, or all of them. 

But the solution is simple- choose the networks your target audience is using. For example, a boutique owner can focus on Instagram to display her products, a women-centric brand can use Pinterest, and a business focusing on the youth can use Snapchat.

3. Not Being Able to Define Your Brand Voice

Every company that has successfully implemented social media marketing strategies has one element in common: They have defined ideas for their content that go effortlessly well with their brand. You can see the flow of their creativity on their networks, see what they do. 

Before posting anything to any platform, you need to decide the voice of your brand. It should reflect your values, goals, and plans. The audience should easily be able to identify your brand with that.

4. Using the Wrong Content

If you do not have the right material, you won’t give people any reason to follow you. Your content should get people interested in your brand and should be attractive to them. In most instances, a photo or a tweet won’t be considered as good content as optimisation is vital for every social media network. It is essential to strike a balance between what you want to post and what the audience would like to see. The focus should be on quality and not quantity. 

As a business owner, you should experiment and understand what your followers want. You may then use that knowledge to design compelling content.

5. Not Measuring Results Properly

One of the biggest reasons social media is spreading like wildfire is that the results can be measured. However, people who are new to it usually focus on metrics such as the number of followers and response rates and even though these results matter, they often forget to focus on measurements based on ROI and conversions. 

You should try to include every aspect before drawing a conclusion.

6. Not Being Able to Create Your Presence On Social Media

Is your company the only one using social media to promote your business? No. Almost every business today is adopting it, which means that the competition is intense. Your basics, as well as your understanding of social media should run deep to create a place in the audience’s minds; otherwise, you will just end up being a common brand online.

Use your creativity and resources to the fullest, be smart with the content.

7. Time Management

We’ve included this point in the end as it will help you understand it better. You, as a business owner, need to spend time engaging with customers online, responding to their comments and addressing their concerns. With so many aspects to consider and so many issues, it would be too time-consuming for you to focus on social media, especially when you have your primary business that you have to take care of. You can hire people to manage your networks, but that would increase your cost. You can also divide the responsibility among your existing employees but that would lead to inconsistency and would affect effectiveness.

Let’s sum up by saying that managing social media can be a stressful job, but if used effectively, the results can be outstanding. If you can’t find the time or the right tools for your social media, it is always better to get someone else who is experienced, to do it for you. That’s where we come in! Explore Socinova’s affordable social media marketing services today to see how magically we can streamline your social media marketing.