Your marketing campaign is underway and you just can’t wait to set your plan in motion, right? Good campaigns have the ability to expand your business. Marketers know the right question to ask partners, services, and every other person involved in the campaign. But, do you have the right questions to ask yourself prior to the onset of your marketing campaign? Check out the top seven questions you must ask yourself before launching your marketing campaign:

Question #1: What’s the message you want to get out there?

Knowing the needs of the market is vital before you come up with core message you wish to send to internet communities. Understanding the difference between delivering a message and promoting products is of paramount importance.

Question #2: Have you found the right strategy?

Having multiple strategies and putting combined perspectives is the way to go. Have a different strategy for every social media site. Formulate appropriate strategy according to the demographic and age group of your intended audience.

Question #3: Have you spotted your intended audience?

Take the time to examine the real intended audience of your campaign. Define different parameters like region, age, group, etc. of your intended audience. Make sure your campaign is geared towards them.

Question #4: How do you plan to reach your intended audience?

Determine how different kind of people gets the information and feeds. Make sure to choose the right medium to reach your intended audience.

Question #5: Did you draw estimates on your budget?

Budgetary constraints need to be well defined before starting an internet marketing campaign. Running out of the budget in the middle of a long-term social media campaign will completely ruin your strategy.

Question #6: How do you plan to measure success?

Many businesses fail to answer this issue before kick-starting their marketing campaign. Without setting benchmarks, it’s impossible to measure success and spot the positives in a campaign.

Question #7: What resources do you need to go viral?

Think about which factors would force people to share your stuff. Ask yourself “Do you have a strategy in place to support people to share your content?” Create unique content that will create value. 

How did we do? Will these questions help you in formulating your marketing strategy?