Social media is an area that’s constantly changing. Almost daily we see new trends and fads – along with an ever rising number of total users.

With so much diversity, so many trends and so many different sites, it’s easy to fall behind the times. But if you’re not staying up to date, you may struggle to make a connection with potential online customers. Here are a few signs you really need to change your digital approach.

1. The last time you tweeted was in 2011.

Some people may say they have a Twitter or Facebook account for business – but leave out the fact they haven’t tweeted in years. A neglected account can look worse than no account at all, so be sure to keep it maintained and professional.

2. You check your notifications once a week.

On social media, things move incredibly fast. Checking your notifications on a semi-regular basis just won’t do. You need to know what your audience are saying and respond accordingly where possible.

3. You only have profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

While these may be the most popular, businesses are taking advantage of a much wider variety of platforms these days. Try out Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus, YouTube, Periscope and more to see how they work for you.

4. You’re only following celebrities.

Back when Twitter and similar social media sites became popular, many people said ‘they’re just for following famous people’. While may have been true at the time, it’s not the case today.

Instead, follow industry professionals, brands and influencers to develop your authority in your field.

5. You don’t know what all these new phrases mean.

If you have no idea what people are saying on social media, it’s time to get up to date on the lingo and know your ‘basic’ from your ‘YOLO’.

6. You’re not using apps to manage your social media profiles.

Dedicated apps are a great way to stay up to date on social media, as you can post updates and replies right from your smartphone or mobile device. There are apps available for all the big networks, so test them out!

7. There’s no visual content on your profiles.

Social media requires more than just text updates. To truly engage your audience, you’re going to need some visuals to stimulate their interest.

Today, photos are everywhere, so get your camera out or create some graphics online!

If any (or more) of these apply to you, it’s time to up your game when it comes to social media. Take the time to research the current social trends and work out how you can use them to your advantage.

Alternatively, considering hiring a social media manager to keep things fresh and up to date – a great option if being online isn’t really your thing.

Have you found yourself falling behind the times on social media? If so, what were the first signs? Tell us in the comments, as well as how you managed to get out of your social media rut!