We are living in times of uncertainty and it will be a while before we can return to our everyday life. Right now, we may save on our car payments, have reduced expenses and regular exercise may suddenly be of interest, but how do you adjust as a business?

You might be cautious now of even thinking about marketing your startup if your finances have taken a hit during COVID-19. 

Now though, is the time to remain positive and focus on how to make the most of the current situation for your startup.

To start marketing for your startup during the lockdown, first you need to decide on the budget. It need not cost a fortune. Everybody is in the same boat now. You can actually get some great low-cost deals with people spending less and there are many ideas to handle your startup business marketing during the lockdown.

1. Do interviews with influencers and experts

By publishing interviews, you add a bit of variety to your content. Your customers will appreciate your dedication to sharing insight with important people.

Simply start reaching out to business experts or brand-related influencers via cold emails. It’s important that the interviewee and the subject matter is something that will attract your target audience. For example, if you’re a digital marketing company for startups, you can do an interview with personalities like Neil Patel, an entrepreneur whose marketing blog generates more than 3 million visitors per month.

You can do an online interview via an email or a video call, and then edit and post the content on your website. Give users the opportunity to leave comments and share their opinion.

2. Keep connections on social media with your customers

In these difficult times, people are using social media more than ever. Especially now as they’re isolated, they’re looking for information and news updates by staying connected to the internet and social media platforms.

Sure, they may not be able to book their next car service or order a takeaway, but they are still interested in your business. They will notice useful, engaging content and are more likely to remember your brand even if they have never previously used your services or products.

3. Improve your online presence  

Now more people are online than ever. People browse on Google and use the platform to research and purchase products online. Adapt your website to respond better to current demand. If you sell food and essential household items, move your luxury items to the back of your website. If you are not allowed to operate now, please allow customers to place delivery orders after the lockdown has been lifted.

4. Take every opportunity to help people in the crisis

People will remember about your business during this time for the good things it does. If you are providing a premium discount on insurance policies or turning your manufacturing company into one that produces and sells essential items, the opportunities to win over consumers through goodwill are considerable. While you might not be doing this for marketing, when people start spending money again in the future, they will remember you for that. 

5. Make videos  

Videos are one of the most engaging types content and, when considering your marketing ideas and efforts, one of the best options. Their dynamics keep the attention of users longer than texts or images. Create fun and informative videos and get customers to notice them! Some examples of the video content you can create are video explainers, tutorials, new product announcements, how to keep safe during coronavirus, etc.

Regarding the process of creation, here are a few tips you should consider:

  • Use video content to suit your target audience
  • Post the video on social media to obtain more shares
  • Keep the video under two minutes (Videos get the most interaction on social media when they are under 2 minutes long)
  • Please ensure that the videos are of good quality

6. Start a blog and increase the number of your blog posts  

People will now turn to the internet with more time on their hands to find quality content to read. This is your time to improve the SEO of your website by starting to write a blog and regularly posting fresh content. 

HubSpot claims businesses publishing more than 16 blogs a month are receiving 3.5 times more traffic than those that are less active and publishing four or fewer times a month. If you do not even have a blog, you should start one at the earliest possible time. Blogs are excellent for traffic production. Once you have users on your website- when they finish reading the post, they can easily wander off to browsing through your products.

Attract visitors with interesting topics, and keep them engaged with the high-quality content on your website. Encourage user engagement by concluding blog posts with a question that can be answered by users in the comment section. 

7. Use PPC advertising  

A knee-jerk reaction during a crisis could be to cut all the expenses, like your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. However, you give your brand a greater chance of appearing in front of relevant pairs of eyes when you advertise. That can give you a giant competitive advantage. Even though your business may be limited and customers might not be able to order from you right now, PPC advertisements provide a great way to stand out from your rivals and leap to the front of the line when clients decide to make a purchasing decision.

Final Thoughts  

There is not much that brands can do about their marketing efforts right now except to offer engaging content to customers. Reviewing your choices and using the above marketing ideas can be a good start. You can take your relationship with customers to the next level if you employ your creativity and interact with your customers via content.

The bottom line is, don’t let market share of your startup slip to its competitors. Consider these strategies to promote and generate more sales for your startup during the lockdown!