If you’re looking to have more people from your audience regularly engaging with your Facebook page, you’re likely wondering how to do it.

Whether you’re looking for likes, comments or just an increase in exposure, here are seven tried and tested top tips for creating more engagement on your page.

1. Make sure your content is shareable.

If your content is excellent quality and highly shareable, it’s more likely to be seen by relevant audiences in addition to your own followers. As more people share it, the more people with effectively join in the ‘conversation’ and engage with the content. Plus, they may even like and follow your page!

2. Always include a call to action (CTA).

A call to action is essentially a way to tell your audience to engage. Whether it’s a complicated question that requires a comment or something as simple as ‘like if you agree’, there are plenty of ways to encourage interactions.

3. Be creative – don’t always post the same type of content.

If you’re forever posting the same kind of content, your audience may get bored. Keep them interested and excited by posting a variety of content they can have fun with.

4. Test out Facebook Live. Broadcasts can be incredibly popular.

We’ve previously discussed the importance of video, but Facebook Live makes it even easier to experiment with video based content. Rather than filming and editing a video, you can just get straight into it by creating a live broadcast. Schedule it and let your followers know it’s coming up for maximum effect.

5. Give Facebook Instant Articles a try.

Facebook Instant Articles are integrated posts that make it easier than ever for the content to be viewed from a mobile device. It ensures mobile users can quickly enjoy an article or blog posts without the wait times associated with loading the website. The ease of use makes users far more likely to open and engage with the content.

6. Post at optimal times for maximum engagement.

Different social networks have different times that are best for posting updates. Research the best times to post on Facebook (as well as considering when your demographic are most likely to be online) and schedule your posts accordingly.

7. See what other Facebook pages are doing.

While straight up copying isn’t recommended, there’s no harm in seeing what your competitors’ pages are up to, as well as general pages from within your industry.

Simply visit your Insights page and set up some ‘Pages to Watch’. You’ll be able to see what’s popular on those pages, which may give you some ideas and inspiration that you can then apply to your own.

Using these simple methods, you’re bound to notice an increase in your engagement levels, which will also help your content to be seen by a wider audience.