Today, creating content on social media is the best way to reach out to people and turn them into potential customers for your brand. It does not matter what your product is- content marketing does work. 

But constantly generating new content is key. Every day people want to read and view different stories- there is no place for repetitive content. However, how would you generate new content every single day? Doing that is pretty close to impossible, right?

Now, even if you have enough resources through which you can generate new content constantly, is that really the best use of your time and money? Social media is bombarded with thousands of posts every day, and it is not possible to always compete for generating and uploading new posts. 

So, what can you do to maintain the interest of your audiences without having to create new content every day? You can repurpose your old content. It will not only fill the gaps between new posts, but will also throw light on your previous ideas and achievements.

1. Use your old photos as background for graphics and visual quotes.

There is this set of amazing photos that you posted just a while ago. Don’t be afraid to reuse them! You can place them in the background for new graphics or quoted images. Get creative- use an image editing software like Canva, apply a filter and write a quote. 

You can use a famous quote, make one of your own, or write down the values of your brand. There you have it, a new social media post!

Another way you can re-purpose old photos is by turning them into the featured images for your blogs.

2. Refurbish old, evergreen content that had created a lot of buzz in the past.

Evergreen content is the type of material that remains relevant at all times. These could be industry facts, general advice, non-statistical data, etc. So, if you have any such old blog post that is valid even today, just add a new spin to it or attach a recent case study to support the information or make new additions.

Refurbishing the content is easy- maybe make a video out of it, or a set of graphics. Use them on social media. Your new posts are all good to go!

3. Build upon older content, updating it from time to time.

If you have posted something which had gained good popularity, use the same post as a base for new content. You can also mention the reference to that post as you develop a new story based on it. Like a part 2!

This will not only give your readers new and detailed information on a particular topic that they already have an interest in but will also build loyalty for your brand.

4. Use old survey results or statistics to make new posts or graphics.

Old surveys act like a treasure trove of content at all times. Whenever you collect surveys for your company, take specific insights that will interest your potential consumers. Turn these into graphical forms of content. 

Infographics are one of the best examples of this. You can also create a new questionnaire for your audience along with sharing these posts and share the new results via SlideShare.

5. Create summary posts.

Summary posts are one of the best ways to re-purpose content. A summary post will act as an eye-catcher for your older posts. Collect your best and most popular material and summarise each one. Now, present it as a category of ‘In Case You Missed It’ or ‘Best Of The Month.’ It is a good way to give an insight of your brand’s progress and updates.

6. Create an eBook.

If you post content is a series format, let’s say a series of recipes each week, turn them into eBooks. Not only this, but you can also turn podcasts or webinar transcripts into eBooks. These act as excellent giveaways for landing pages.

7. A throwback to everything and anything.

A throwback is one of the best and easiest ways to re-purpose content on social media. May it be an old photo, video or written material, use a hashtag (#throwbackthursday) and post!

You can re-share any content that has performed well earlier. Just change the caption if you want to.


Twitter is the best platform to post re-purposed content. Use HootSuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or whatever you want to and schedule your tweets by adding links to previous posts with different captions!


As you read, re-purposing content is beneficial in many ways. It helps bring new traffic while driving them back into previous posts, allowing better audience engagement. So don’t ignore your older content, get started with re-purposing!