Though it was launched in 2006, Twitter hasn’t been fully explored yet. Twitter has redesigned their site quite recently too. Twitter has added novel and effective features on their new design. Some Twitter marketing tools have taken internet marketing to a complete new level. Some of the tools are owned by Twitter itself and some come from third parties. These tools come in handy and operate as functional add-ons on Twitter profile. They help small business owners to get a high level of marketing access.

Listed here are some useful tools to kick start your Twitter marketing crusade:

1. Sentiment140:

Modern marketing ROI speaks a lot about reputation management. Sentiment140 let you know the positive vs. negative sentiments ratio towards your brand. It uses green and red colours to visually represent sentiments over tweets.

2. SimplyMeasured:

Knowing your followers is the key to creating engaging tweets. SimplyMeasured app provides you a report of your follower interests via keywords, date of their last tweet and followers distribution in regard to time zones.

3. Tweroid:

There is no need to pay for analytic reports anymore. Tweroid finds the best time to post your tweets. The app gives hourly graphs displaying when your followers stay active on Twitter over daily and weekly cycles.

4. HootSuite:

When you received the report from Tweroid, HootSuite is the app you need to check out. You can schedule future tweets, add attachments and location with this app. With a few mouse clicks, you can choose publishing time and date of your tweets.

5. Twilert:

This tool works similar to Google alerts. When someone tweets using favourite hashtags, locations or specify your favourite mentions, you get notified via email. This app finds its use in content marketing and reputation marketing.

6. Klout:

By now, you know about appropriate tools for scheduling tweets. But what about measuring them? Klout exactly does that. It measures your profile performance on a scale of Klout score.

7. TweetReach:

This tool tracks every tweet that includes your twitter username, hashtag or keyword. The app periodically sends these reports to aid you in event campaigns.

8. FollowerWonk:

This is the ultimate tool to make your Twitter marketing fool-proof. A community is the key to social media marketing. FollowerWonk lets you find influencers in your niche and follow them or comment on tweets. This tool provides a cost effective technique to get your content shared.

Have you tried any of these tools? Share your experience in comments!