To keep your brand name constantly on the radar of your potential buyers, you have to come up engaging social media content regularly. The need for coming up with creative and exciting social media content seems to be never ending.

Content being the fuel to one’s engine of marketing, calls for a lot of effort and curation. So, here we bring to you a comprehensive list of all the different kinds of social media content that you can put to use. You can use these ideas with your own modifications.

So, plunge into them and you will have a great pool of creative ideas for your content. Here are the top 91 types of social media content for you.

1. The Q&A sessions

This type of drive helps the audience in feeling more involved. It’s an opportunity for them to get to know you better. It is often done via a live video, where in the most asked questions are given answers promptly.

2. Personalised stories

Viewers often find stories interesting. So, engage your audience in the life stories of either your brand or the persons behind the effort. People will respond back with an equal amount of love!

3. Company developments

Giving out news about every significant development in your brand will keep your readers involved. Everybody likes a gossip or two!

4. Comparisons or the “versus” competitions

Every consumption decision is made after comparison. So, help your viewers by putting out content, which offers comparisons between two products. If you are into fitness blogging, you can have calories comparison.

5. Industrial developments

Look out for every major development in your industry, and be the first one to bring your viewers the news. This makes you dependable and promising.

6. Personal opinions

Controversial content is everybody’s absolute favourite. So don’t be afraid of taking down some of the most commonly believed notions. This will make you fearless, and proud.

7. Company goals

Personifying your company, and expressing its goals can be a strategic move. It’s bold to put out your goals and strategies.

8. Interesting facts

Research well on a topic and present the same in a conscience and interesting manner. That way, you will become the go to provider for all related facts.

9. Historical facts

Learning more about the journey of the brand or the product can help the viewers feel connected. If you are a beauty blogger, talk about the top beauty hacks of 1600’s.

10. On this day

Share the significant happenings of the past and maybe recreate them. Such content is generally very share-worthy.

11. Ultimate guides

Everybody loves to find the answers to their problems at one place. So be that one stop to all their miseries. Research on the commonly faced issues and come up with guides.

12. Worksheets

Who doesn’t like a ready to print worksheet? Come up with creatives that your viewers can use for their note taking, check listing or even brainstorming.

13. Checklists

Often, people are aware of their goals but are totally alien to the way of reaching them. Have exhaustive lists that your viewers can use.

14. Ready templates

Save time and use innovative ready templates to create engaging content for your ardent followers.

15. Lists

Lists are a great type of content. Almost every topic can be sorted into a type of list. They are easy to make and extremely popular.

16. The “How to’s”

Well, there’s no end to the number of “How to’s” you can create. This lets you have your own version of the process. Come up with the most common topics and have your own unique process for it.

These are the best means to explain to your readers exactly how to use your innovative products and services. Make use of interactive pictures to make these guides attractive and also make an effort to be inclusive but not overly-detailed.

17. Data visuals

Pie charts, or graphs are a great way of sharing one’s research. They convey the comprehensive picture at a single glance.

18. Posters

Another engaging way of conversing. Creative and exciting graphics not only look appealing on social media sites but also get cross shared.

19. Photographs

People connect better with visuals than with texts. Share the pictures of your work station, show the viewers where the real magic takes place or the faces behind the work. Also, make sure to develop your brand identity by displaying your logo on your uploads. Go for colours and graphics that help you stand out from the usual crowd. Go for something that is professional and doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket.

When you share happy images of your hard-working employees, you’ll be able to promote your business and rise above the competition. This way, you can maintain transparency with your audience as well.

20. Memes

No word of humour can ever go to waste. Along with that, certain things are conveyed better when said on a lighter note!

21. Cartoons

They don’t have to be professionally created. Normal doodling of your products or faces of the company can be used as content.

22. Use illustrations

Perhaps one of the best ways of conveying your point across, without missing out on it. Illustrations can be a great way of making your plain content, exciting.

23. Hand written notes or sketches

Your white board’s picture from some extensive brainstorming session, or the handwritten messages for your viewers, can be used to illustrate your work.

24. Invite content

Ask your viewers to share their story of connection with your brand. Share the top best entries. this is marketing and content generation at the same time.

25. Emails

This is mostly used to cross-share your content via various means. Emails to your subscribers would basically make sure that, they don’t miss out on any of your posts!

26. Case studies

Instead of the brand blowing it’s own horn, let the customers do it. Share their experience with your brand as content. It will motivate your other viewers to engage with your brand.


On days when you feel less creative, let a motivational quote inspire you. Try and look for quotes from the men and woman of the influential world, which can complement your line of work. Everyone needs a bit of inspiration from time to time. Sharing motivational massages and stirring quotes is something that keeps your brand’s human character thriving and protuberant.

28. Product reviews

Help your viewers by reviewing some of the most commonly used products from your field. This will generate more traffic on your social media.

29. Interviews

Invite questions for an influencer from your viewers. Have famous influencers come over, and share their story with you. Talk about things, that will interest your viewers and promote your work at the same time.

30. Stories of success

Let your viewers know how they too can be successful with the help of your services. Share some of the most inspiring and motivating success stories.

31. Newsletters

A more detailed method of engagement, mostly shared via emails. This should contain the necessary details about your brand and its development.

32. Polls

Polls can be a great way of clearing any dilemma. What better way than to ask the audience right away!

33. Giveaways

One of the most trending ways of engagement. You can make simple rules of participation and then watch the audience engage on its own.

34. Surveys

Surveys work best when you are trying to gather information. This way you can know your viewers better and hence offer tailor cut content, best suited for their likings.

35. Competitions

Simple social media competitions are an interesting way of involving your viewers. Ask them for their best entries in return of a special feature over your social media handles.

36. Reports

Generate periodic reports on various topics from your field. Share the insight with your subscribers. You can also upload the same on your website.

37. Brochures

In case you are a product or service based business, prepare a brochure giving detailed info about each of them.

38. Conferences

Organising conferences can be a great way to connect with your clients or potential clients. Market your conference on all your social media accounts!

39. Virtual events

This one is a fairly new concept. A lot of famous companies, in order to appreciate the loyalty of their fans, hold virtual events like, an unveiling or a product launch.

40. Meet ups

A lot of influencers today hold such events. These are some informal opportunities to connect your brand with its viewers. It can be held regionally.

41. E-books

This one is particularly for the businesses that are into blogging. You can always use individual content pieces as a part of some larger content. E-books can be a great form of content for the viewers who are interested in detailed knowledge.

42. Audio-books

If you have an e-book, it only makes sense if you complement it with an audio book. A lot of viewers today would prefer to rather have an audio book that they can hear at any time.

43. Blogs

One of the most common forms of content. It comprises of limited textual content which can be shared periodically. It is a great way of publishing your content on regular basis.

44. Vlogs

This is very similar to contemporary style of blogging, except the fact that, it’s done in the form of videos. You can have your creative team come up with detailed videos on various informative topics.

45. Videos

A lot of viewers prefer watching videos than reading content, in order to access information. It’s simply because graphics are more appealing and definitely convey the message a lot faster.

46. FAQs

Come up with the most commonly asked questions from your business and prepare some scrutinised content, which will have all the answers ready even before a doubt arises.  

47. Recaps

It’s a good strategy to relive the old major happenings in the absence of the new ones. This way, your old content can be used to its full potential and your viewers can be directed towards your stories of success from the past.

48. Comments or replies

Share some of the best comments and replies with all your viewers. This motivates them to initiate conversations with you. Social listening is always one of the most crucial parts of developing a successful impression on Facebook. Readers always want to know that they are being heard and they prefer that their difficulties are dealt with efficiency. By appreciating them, you can easily portray the human side of your business initiative.

49. Ambassador drives

Through these programs you can have a person handling your marketing even at regional level. These ambassadors can spread the word of mouth about your business in their own unique way.

50. “Ask us anything”

Let your fans ask you all their doubts about you, your team, the business, or even your secrets!


Find time to engage with your audience in the comments. This encourages discussions in the comment sections.

52. Forums

Provide your audience with a platform to take their discussions to, it can be unique and absolutely personalised to your business.

53. Cross sharing

Involve yourself in cross posting with other brands and businesses. Share their best content on your social media while getting your content shared on theirs. This way you will invite more traffic to your business.

54. Guest posting

This is a cool way of breaking the monotonous chain and bringing in fresh content. You can either invite entries from your audience or have some influencers contribute.

55. Picture gallery

It’s always good to have a section which can the testimony to your past achievements and can reflect upon your business’s culture.

56. Live sessions

A lot of social media handles use this today to connect with their audience. It’s an informal interaction, where in your video is available live with the audience and they can interact with you spontaneously.

57. Slideshows

Use slideshows to better explain your content. It’s exciting and is more appealing to the eyes.

58. Podcasts

Have your own series that can be shared periodically. Podcasts today are attracting a lot of listeners, as they are yet another source of both knowledge and entertainment.

59. Presentations

Pitching couldn’t have been easier. Share your business presentation and let them do the talking about your brand.

60. Workshops

Organise workshops for your audience and impart your signature skill set. They can work great for a good public image.

61. Challenges

Involve your audience in challenges and share their progress. Challenges have been one of the most trending types of social media content in 2020!

62. Trends

Initiate a trend via your social media account and ask for participation from your viewers. A lot of famous brands have used this as method of marketing their brand.

63. Games

For example, if your brand is an educational one, then try to incorporate more games into your content to make the whole process less cumbersome and more fun!

64. Quizzes

Curate quizzes about your brand or about your products, and ask your viewers to participate. Let them share the result on their social media accounts, which is marketing in itself and offer prizes to the lucky winners.

65. Public service announcements

As a brand, you can also come up with creative ways of conveying a message for the public good. It can be in form of advertisements or even blog posts.

66. Microsites

For specific events or occurrence, use microsites and share them on social media to attract viewers.

67. Feature pages

Dedicate a separate page on your website to the USP of your brand. For example, you can have one for your business values or even your products.

68. Certification programs

Have your team conduct courses in exchange for certificates. These are very common today, and are a great way of to encourage your viewers to engage with your brand,

69. Drives

Carry out drives for social issues that concern the society. Nothing pleases the audience more than knowing the fact that their favourite brand is with them.

70. Listicles

Listicles are blog articles that contain an extensive list, like this one. They work well when you need to draw attention to a particular message.

71. Infographics

These are the best option when you have to convey a story to the audience via visual content. If your story involves stats and values or even short text, then opt for this.

72. White papers

These are authoritative reports and guides which inform the readers about a complex concept in a conscience manner.

73. Transparency

Transparency is a sign of courage. So open your business’s information about your finances or even your growth, to the audience.

74. Failures

As much as success stories are popular, stories of failures attract an equal amount of viewership. Bring out the techniques that may have not worked in your favour.

75. Future predictions

These are fun ways of keeping your audience involved. You don’t have to be right in your predictions, just make it fun!

76. Personal stories

Share your favourite stories with your clients. They can be about your journey or of someone who inspires you and your brand.

77. Metaphors

On certain days when you wish to keep it light, come up with nice metaphors and phrases that mean something to your brand.

78. Rants

Rants will always be one of the most exciting ways of attracting viewers. Don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion or creating content against what’s wrong.

79. Roundups

Another popular type of marketing for people who have a crunch on time. Roundups aim at conveying the most, in the least amount of time.

80. Event replays

Conduct online event replays as they share the level of success that your brand is capable of.

81. Webinars

These are a great way of increasing your subscribers. Stock up all the information on a topic and host a webinar with guides to conduct.

82. Sponsorships

A lot of brands today are looking for sponsorships. This can be a great opportunity for a business to market itself. Use sponsorships to showcase your values and products.

83. User-generated content

It is best to form social groups to help customers connect with one another to answer their doubts and questions. LinkedIn and Facebook groups work out well for user-sourced questions and answers. You can then share such content on your social pages as well!

84. Content syndication and republication

If you recently published some superb content on your blog, there’s a great chance that other related blogs will happily accept and republish your content on their blogs. This is termed as content syndication or republication, and it acts as a great way to maximize the work you’re presently doing to help you reach a wider audience. And you can share those new links on your social media as well!

85. Two Facts and a Lie Game

Test your follower’s knowledge by engaging in interactive games. Tell two facts and a lie about your initiative, asking your readers to spot the error. The game can also involve an attractive prize.

86. Email shares

Highlight interactive and informative parts of your latest email blasts, reaching those who aren’t subscribed to your initiative and potentially grow your contact list.

87. Top lists

Inform your readers about your top performing blogs, services, products, and resources to develop a conversation around them.

88. Comic strips

Showcase your appreciation for the work of comic artists in your initiative by sharing their art. Give them credit when possible to engage with them and develop strong relationships.

89. Myth busts

Handle a random myth that haunts your niche. Do it via your blog posts or appeal to people’s curiosity by curating a bold tweet to trigger an interesting discussion.

90. Pinboards

Share the details of your Pin Boards to not only attract followers, but to encourage them to follow you on Pinterest. Informing your readers about the daily routine of your business via Pinterest is an effective means to let them know exactly what you do. Highlighting your routine activities is a superb way of showing how you operate, step-by-step. It is also prodigious for establishing a sturdy set of company values.

91. SlideShare presentations

Curate a picture heavy presentation full of interesting facts to share on your social media platforms. This innovative presentation can act as an alternative or an addition to your blog posts.

We hope this list of 91 types of social media content for startups will inspire your social media content generation. And as always, if you need our help, you know where to find us!