Social media is a fantastic way to connect with new people. It is now used in every realm of our daily lives. May it be for personal or professional use, social media serves multiple needs. 

Nowadays, there is also a surge in the number of people giving up the conventional careers and trying to indulge in freelance.

Although freelance may seem challenging at first, with a little patience and a few smart steps, you can surely establish a successful freelance career. Using diverse marketing methods available such as social media marketing, you can successfully promote yourself and build a stable business. 

There are a few benchmarks of social media marketing which you need understand before getting started. Go through this for a quick idea:

  • You’re not supposed to be salesy on social media.
  • You must impress people with examples and demonstrations of your skills.
  • Every social media platform has its nature and etiquette. If you focus on specific marketing and network-building activities, then social media can be beneficial for you.

So, if you’re a freelancer and looking to promote yourself on social media, read on to learn a few tricks that will help you!

Making Social Media Work for You 

First and foremost, you need to keep your social media profiles professional. Stay away from political humor, religious talk, or any offensive content. If your profile has a lot of no-nos, then people will be reluctant to connect.  

  • Your profile picture should be either your business logo or a formal photograph of yourself.
  • Your username should also be professional.
  • Don’t clutter your timeline with unrelated posts.
  • Also, do not fall into controversial issues and concentrate on generating connections.  

Below are a few social media networks which are very beneficial for your freelance business and a quick guide on how to use them!


LinkedIn is the go-to platform for freelancers to get business. You can add a catchy headline to your LinkedIn profile through which prospective clients who are searching for your skills can land up on your profile and contact you. With an up to date LinkedIn profile which can be used as your resume, you’ll find it easy to highlight what your skills are. 

Also, adding industry-relevant blog posts via the ‘LinkedIn Publisher’ platform once in a while can help you catch the attention of your connections.


Facebook is almost everywhere in the modern world! Alternatively, we can also say that we hardly meet anyone who isn’t using Facebook these days. Hence Facebook becomes a fantastic way for you to contact people and get connected with prospects. 

Create a business page on Facebook, keep it updated with relevant posts, videos, and pictures demonstrating your skills and try to get connected with the prospective clients. It’s that simple.

You can also invest some amount in Facebook Ads which can help you in reaching out to your target audience. 

Also, you can join groups which are relevant to your field and posting in them regularly can help you reach out to like-minded people. Facebook is a great place to collaborate with other freelancers.


To someone who has never used Twitter, it can look complicated. However, once you get familiar with it, Twitter is quite simple to use.

First, create a Twitter account and begin with following hashtags which are relevant to your industry. Then, follow users who are relevant to your business. In turn, they can also follow you back, so anything that you tweet is visible in their feed. 

You can draw the attention of your followers and prospects by creating polls, asking questions, and tweeting informative content.


Thinking how posting photos could benefit your business? If you make use of Instagram wisely, then it is surely beneficial! 

Add stories, pictures of your work and reach out to Instagram users who can be your potential clients. The perk of Instagram is that you can connect with anyone in the world and showcase your skills effectively using visual content.


Freelancers, especially in the field of art, crafts, food & entertainment can benefit greatly from Pinterest. 

Use Pinterest to create Pinterest boards, post ideas and work done by you and showcase that to the world. Pinterest is your ideabook! 

With time, you can get a substantial number of followers if your ideas are appealing.


It’s no doubt that social media IS beneficial to freelancers. If you use it wisely, you will see that you are finding better clients and even leads coming in to you directly. 

We are not merely imparting opinions here; we have ourselves seen these results. At Socinova, we are dedicated to formulating and executing social media strategies for freelancers like you. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to get started with social media marketing!