Over the last few years, marketing for law firms has changed drastically. With the rise of digital marketing and the recent pandemic, it’s now critical that any law firm should focus on increasing their digital brand awareness.

20 years ago, lawyers relied heavily on marketing strategies such as matchboxes, phone book covers, newspaper advertisements, etc. The truth is that now law firms need new approaches to compete successfully in today’s market. That is why more and more law firms are now investing more than ever in digital and online marketing strategies. Now, the phone book budgets have changed to SEO budgets, newspapers have turned into display advertising, and billboards have turned into Facebook ads.

In the recent years, law firms have recognised the need to improve their brand’s digital awareness, with the primary goal being attracting potential customers. Today, we’ll be discussing a few strategies that can help law firms increase their digital brand awareness.

What are the main benefits of increasing brand awareness for your law firm?   

Increasing brand awareness is a sure shot way to increase the visibility of your law firm. While we can not guarantee that leads will directly be generated by an increase in brand awareness, it lays the foundations on which an effective lead generation campaign can be built. Brand awareness builds up a trust that can be crucial for brands, particularly in the legal industry where you need potential customers to trust your products and services and be comfortable with them. Customers are more likely to buy and use brands they have heard of before, so it’s time to shout for yours.

If your legal agency has so far struggled to move into these forms of digital marketing activities, or if you are interested in competing better in your market, consider the following strategies to improve your agency and apply effective digital marketing strategies for your law firm.

Take the time to find out what your brand is.

While you may have a perfect logo and an impressive mission statement, your brand is more than that. What your customers say about your company is what your brand actually is. Word-of-mouth referrals are cited as the number one driver of new business for law firms, according to Pilmma, but very few law firms really do anything to influence what these mouths are saying.

To really utilise your satisfied customers to improve your brand, why not ask them directly about what makes you special? Ask them what makes you unique. You can gather customer feedback through the use of direct contact via phone or email, polls or online surveys on Twitter and Instagram and then use this customer perception information to really shape your brand.

Consider social media marketing for your law firm.   

Investing in social media ads has by and large been the replacement strategy for previous billboard budgets. People in vehicles are more likely to be looking at their phones than billboards, even the driver!

Facebook and other social platform advertising are so effective because of how targeted your audience can be. You can be as specific as you want like, targeting a certain age group, at a certain location, having a certain interest and facing a certain life event. Here are some examples you can use for your audience targeting:

  • If you are an estate planner, you can target people by their age, specifically those who are entering their golden years.

  • If you are a divorce lawyer or a lawyer dealing in family law, you can target people with a certain relationship status.

  • You can also target people based on their industry of employment because desk job employees normally do not file worker’s compensation claims.

Social media is an extremely efficient channel of marketing. And when you combine organic social media marketing with social media advertising, you get the best results.

Don’t constantly blast your sales message.

The real hard work starts once you have developed sufficient awareness of your brand. How are you going to connect with your community now? Is your social media behaviour going to engage your clients or just show them some sale-sy messaging? Are you going to actively communicate and engage with your target audience?

From sharing company milestones to celebrating business successes and staff anniversaries, this could be everything. Engaging with your audience incorporates the  essential humanity to your brand because it all grabs your audience’s attention very well. But the question is- are you going to hold onto it?

Work on relevant online directory listings.   

In finding a local service provider, there are many online sites that people turn to for help. Sites like Yelp and Google are also well positioned for legal questions in the search results. You can also get your company listed for free on these sites, but paying can allow you to be more prominently positioned.

Investing in branding right now can translate into significant gains later on. With affordable online visibility channels that are effective in enabling your business to be seen and heard, growing your brand awareness is just a few clicks away.

If you would like more information about the best tactics when it comes to increasing your law firm’s brand awareness, then please get in touch with Socinova!