There may come a time when you need high quality graphic design, but you may not have the budget to hire a design professional or the skills to create the designs on your own.

Enter Canva. Describing themselves as ‘a simple new way to design’, the site offers users a tool for creating attractive, modern graphic designs without the stress or high price tag.

The easy to use site offers graphic design for web or print, including logos, Facebook covers, Twitter headers, Instagram images, posters, book covers, business cards and invitations to name a few!

Users can begin with a layout template or a blank page, allowing complete creativity.

The site is free and instant to access, meaning you can get straight into creating your chosen media, without having to wait for responses and quotes from a professional designer. Canva offers the use of thousands of free elements and fonts, with premium images available to enhance your project, costing just $1 each. You may also upload your own photos to integrate them in your designs, or simply use Canva to add stunning filters, either using the pre-set modes or choosing your own settings such as blur, saturation or x-process. There are over six quadrillion combinations to choose from to make your photo unique and appeal to your audience.

Facebook integration adds the option for users to express themselves publically, sharing their designs with friends, family or even clients. You can also visit your friends’ profiles and take a look at their latest creations.

There’s also a Canva app for iPad, giving you access to Canva’s extensive library of over one million images and hundreds of fonts, allowing you to easily create quality designs from your touchscreen.

Canva’s online ‘Design School’ offers tutorials, showing users how to make the most of the Canva service and complete the projects they need, such as social media graphics or a logo for their new business.

Your Canva creations can be used for personal or commercial use, however the commercial use license is limited and the designs cannot be used on products that are available for resale, such as postcards or web templates. The One Time Use license also limits each element to use in one project.

Designers, illustrators and photographers can benefit from submitting their artwork to Canva, gaining exposure and royalties every time a member of the Canva community uses their image or layout.

To give the simplistic approach to design a try, visit or view their updates on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

This was done in canva in less than two mins. How about that?