You’re probably already familiar with Instagram Stories, but did you know that you could include links in them? If not, read on to discover how you can generate more traffic than ever through Instagram by simply making the most of this available feature – all while blending your links seamlessly with the content of your story.

Are Instagram Story links available to everyone?

Not just yet, but if you’re a marketer you may be in luck. Although the link feature was rolled out to verified accounts first, it has been slowly expanded to more marketers and businesses since May 2017. If you have a business profile with over 10,000 followers, you should have the feature available to you now.

If you have it, here’s how to use it! If not, we hope you’ll get a chance to try it soon as Instagram continues to roll it out.

Step 1: Create an Instagram Story

You may already know how to do this. Either use Instagram Stories to take a photo or video, or import your own from the rest of your Instagram account – providing it has been taken within the past 24 hours.

Step 2: Enter the URL for your chosen link.

If you have the link feature available to you, you’ll notice a chain link icon at the top of the Story screen. Give it a tap and you’ll be presented with a new menu, allowing you to type in the URL address of your link destination.

Keep in mind that Instagram links aren’t trackable on their own, so if you want to keep an eye on its clicks you’ll need to use a link type that is. You can do this using a link shortener, for example,

After you’re done adding your link, you’ll notice the chain link icon is now surrounded by a white circle, showing that a link has been attached.

Step 3: Add any other content you wish to include.

Next, simply finish off your story by adding any other content you choose, such as filters, text, emojis or stickers.

Once that’s done, you’re all set and ready to go. Turns out adding a link is a very simple process! Here’s how you can use links to your advantage:

  • You can direct Instagram users to your latest posts, updates or even simply your website.
  • You’ll be able to elaborate on what you’ve said in your story.
  • You’ll encourage your Instagram audience to explore your content on other platforms.
  • You can provide a direct link to the items featured in your story.
  • And plenty more!

Give it a try and see how you can integrate links within your Instagram Story content. If you do, remember to check back and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments section below! Alternatively, if you’ve already started to use links, tell us all about what you’ve done so far – we’d love to hear about your experience!