Flickr Everything You Need To Know


This Yahoo! owned photo-sharing site has risen up to become one of the most popular social media sites. It has been used by amateurs and professionals alike. The site is fun to browse around. It’s highly user-friendly, and even beginners find it very easy to use on the first go. It was ranked as Inside’s top 5 photo sharing sites on the web. With five million unique visitors every month, Flickr has become the seventh highest trafficked social media site. A Yahoo! account is enough to login into Flickr. Terms of Service may sound to be against commercial promotion, but listed here are the tips you need to know to promote business in Flickr:

  • TOS of Flickr doesn’t support commercial interests. Choose to describe uploaded pictures with suitable text, excluding hard-core sales copies. Include as many appropriate tags as possible. Include website name, company name, and other tags of promotional value. Use region specific tags if local traffic is your primary interest.
  • Upload photos that are associated with your business. Showcase pictures of your products in a good way. It may be worth it to hire a professional photographer to get quality pictures. Show your photos in a way to promote your brand name and recreate them to highlight purpose of your business or brand.
  • Link your Flickr stream with your official website. Your visitors may like to view several photographs you have for share. Obviously, no one is against quality photographs. Some of your visitors can be Flickr users as well. They can add you to their contact list on Flickr. The links also helps your search engine rankings.
  • Join in corresponding groups and share your photos. It’s a smart move to build a community inside a community. Flickr has a nice share of the social media sphere. Join groups based on your industry, region, brand associations, etc… Posting in these groups boosts your reach with more number of intended audiences.
  • Use your profile to best describe you. Introduce yourself from the stand of your website rather than your brand. Keep sales copies to a minimum. Your profile defines your identity and promotes your brand to a new set of followers.

We can’t say for sure that you should use Flickr for commercial promotion based on your company, but it’s a fun and cool social network for sure. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think.