We’ve heard and talked countless times about how important it is to use visual tactics as part of your social media campaign. Photos and videos are an essential factor when marketing to today’s audiences.

One popular option is to use graphics, featuring fun colours, eye-catching fonts and cool illustrations to make your profile page stand out. But why not take it one step further? Adding some animations into the mix could improve the strength of your profile even more.

It’s still relatively unexpected.

Although animation has been used on social media for a while now, it’s still something that not everyone has caught on to. It’s still lesser known enough to stand out in an average newsfeed and will make you look innovative and willing to try new things.

They’re attention grabbing.

Animations are somewhat bolder than live action videos and are sure to grab the attention of those who scroll past them. This is important, as it will encourage users to watch the whole animation – absorbing your content as they do.

You’ll get the same benefits as a graphic – but multiplied.

What do you love about still graphics? The colours? The fonts? The images? The best thing about animation is that you can include all of these – just in a moving format! Bring your graphics to life to make even more of a statement.

They’re easy to make, saving you time when compared to filmed videos.

Videos you film yourself can be tiresome to make – and will often require you to set up a dedicated space to film. With animations, all you need to do is open up a program or app and get started. Sites like GoAnimate making animations accessible for anyone, regardless of their skill levels.

They’re a simple way for your audience to understand what you’re telling them.

People respond well to visual information, so an animation is a great way to get across some key points about your brand.

They can be shared to other platforms – such as YouTube.

Creating animations for social media gives you, even more, content to post around the web – more specifically on video orientated websites such as YouTube. Even if you don’t create videos, you can still upload your animations to make the most of the platform.

They’ll make an impression that lasts on your audience.

The work you’ve put into your animation will leave a positive and lasting impression on your audience, and they’ll likely remember an animation for longer than a still image.

With so many benefits to consider, there’s no reason not to at least try using animations on your social media profiles and pages. They’re an excellent way to add some variety to your content while enjoying the outcomes we’ve talked about above.