With the ever-evolving technologies coming up to help us innovate, customer and brand expectations are rising constantly. Today, more than 48% customers expect a response from their favorite brands on social media within 12 hours or sooner. This is what they want, and brands have to deliver it accordingly.

Social media is now an important factor in business growth and more than that, its important for brands to use social media to improve customer experience as the power shifts to customers. Social media is now a goldmine of opportunities for businesses looking for stronger relationships with their customers throughout their buying journey.

Social media and customer experience now go hand in hand. Did you dislike something about the store you recently shopped with? You can leave a review online. Want to praise a business for the latest product they introduced recently? You can post a video review on YouTube or Instagram. Whatever happens offline, now finds its way online.

Whether their experience is negative or positive, many customers today use social media as a preferred medium to express their views. Its important that businesses use social media to their advantage to be more transparent and truthful with their customers.

What is Customer Experience on Social Media?

Are you observing engagement levels of individual posts among your target audience? Have you set parameters to calculate the impact of your customer loyalty program? Are you running regular social media marketing campaigns to engage and stay connected with your customers?

If youve answered yes to any/all of these questions, then we can safely say tha you have a good understanding of customer experience management (CEM).

CEM covers the various processes you use to track your customer engagement and manage their relationships with your business.

After all, you want to maintain happy and satisfied customers so you can boost your relationship with them.

The usefulness of your content, your responsiveness to comments and questions and how you handle regative reviews, everything is a part of customer experience on social media.

Tips to Boost Customer Experience on Social Media

While there are so many ways to improve your customer experience on social media, here are four proven strategies from Socinova tuned particularly for the social media landscape to get you started.

1. Engage, dont keep bombarding

Get yourself in your customers shoes and think of a brand you really love that you follow on social media. What do you like the most about their content? One thing you might have noticed is that they dont keep showing you their products and services but inform you with content around their offerings

If there’s something customers feel annoying is an endless stream of ads that can ruin their social experience. Imagine the message you are trying to deliver to them and create it in more innovative ways that stimulate mutual interaction.

Sometimes, using a mix of content forms like quizzes to blogs or fun interviews as customer reviews, or sharing informative news can be helpful. Find alternative ways to create a personality for your brand that can help your audience spend more time on your social profile.

Some brands consider social media as a golden ticket to get more leads with ads. But organic reach and engagement will be never out of the game.

Pro tip: Socinova helps brands create content calendars to increase their brand engagement. Find our plans here and subscribe to any one to start your enhanced customer experience management journey.

2. Improve your customer service

This one never gets old. But still some brands fail to take it seriously. How do you respond to your customers queries and concerns? Are you spending enough time on maintaining their satisfaction? Are you responding in a reasonable time on social media to answer their questions?

Looking at other brands success in offering better customer service can help you think smartly and inspire ideas for your own. Social media offers better opportunities for businesses to take their customer experience to the next level. For instance, live chat and chatbots can both reduce your costs and make your brand more accessible.

What can help you solidify your customer service on social media?

AI-powered tools, like SocialPilot, Canva, and Analytics, help you stay on top of the social media picture and automate whenever possible.

Prepare your staff: If you dont prefer using AI-based software or bots for live chat queries, it’s necessary you select and train the right reps for customer care.

Respond in time: If you are taking more than a day to get back to your customers, they are more likely to get impatient.

Respond to positive feedback and reviews: Customers post positive feedback when they get a good experience with your brand. Respond to their positive reviews to retain them so they keep buying from you.

3. Research and mine data for insights

Your customer experience strategy should be the reason for your competitors to shiver. Its always good to remember that your customers are exposed to many attractive brands on social media similar to yours. Its always a good idea to do your research and know what the best practices are in your business. Curating data on multiple competitors, using them as a benchmark, and comparing against your engagement levels and performance can help you get a deep understanding of your areas of improvement.

4. Develop a brand culture

People buy from your brand because of your purpose. Anything with a purpose drives an action. Similarly, identifying the key components to your brand and what that business means to you is important for your customers.

Social media is a great way to flaunt your efforts to your customers by showing what you mean while doing your business. This makes you relatable and they feel more connected to your business.

How does this impact your consumers purchase decisions?

No matter how technology will help you boost your customer experience, finally, the effectiveness of the whole cycle boils down to getting personal with your customers.

Having a strong sales funnel is necessary, but taking a customer-centric approach can go a long way in differentiating you from your competitors.

Key takeaways

Customer experience could sound like a complicated affair, but you just have to ready the basics to get started. Delivering a better customer experience is about being conscious and mindful of your customers needs. And with social media, you are open to communicating that easily.

After all, remember to keep the social in. Reply to your customers the same way you would want to be responded to and handle their smallest to largest queries with equal respect.

Developing such a two-way relationship can take time and effort. But with this article, we think you are one step closer!