Twitter Analytics is a tool that helps to analyse your tweets, showing users that of their tweets have created high follower interaction, which can help provide guidance in producing tweets your followers will enjoy and engage with.

The tool is easy to access – simply visit and sign in with your usual Twitter account information.  After selecting your country and time zone for billing purposes, you’ll be able to access the analytical tools on offer.

From the Analytics page, click on ‘Tweet Activity’ to view your tweets from the past 28 days, along with the interactions they generated, such as clicks, replies, retweets and favourites. To view further tweets, you can easily change the date range, as far back as thirteen months. However you can only see periods of 92 days at a time.

After viewing your activity, Twitter allows you to export this data. Exporting a year’s worth of analytics will clearly show you, through downloadable Excel documents, your top tweets and highest levels of user interaction. Through deciphering that tweets were a success, you can use them to inspire future content that will engage your viewers every time.

Once you’ve decided what to tweet, it’s time to think about when. Open your Analytics document in Excel and sort your Impressions column from the largest number to the smallest. You’ll be able to view the times and dates of your most impressionable tweets, allowing you to look for trends in interactions and work out the peak times to post, based on your audience and their habits.

To gain further information, you can also analyse the types of tweets your audience like to interact with. Using the ‘Engagements’ column of your document, arrange it so the largest numbers are at the top. You’ll see the corresponding tweets that garnered the most attention.

By using this analytical information, you can base your future tweets on a time, topic and type that your followers have a proven interest in, resulting in more popular tweets and more attention for your business.

Twitter Analytics is free to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a try! Let us know about it in comments!