Have you been wondering why you are not getting enough clicks from the emails you are sending? Many other people are pondering the same question.

When looking at the engagement metrics, you will notice that the click through rate is critical. Last year, a survey was undertaken to find out what marketers felt was the best metric for tracking the email marketing results. 73% out of the 300 participants said click-through rates. The click-through rate also came top in marketing challenges.

The same survey asked their thoughts on how to increase the click-through rate. Read on to find out what they recommended.

More effort in call to action

The call to action is probably the most important factor to improve your click through rate. Curiosity is something that makes people want to click. If you give everything away in the email, then the chances of them clicking are unlikely. After all, you have just given them everything they need to know. 

It’s like playing a well-known piece of music and not playing the last note. Humans are curious and want to know the whole story, so give a little but leave them wanting to click to get the rest of the story.


If you have a number of products or services, have a separate segment list for each category so users will receive the emails having the promotion of the products they are interested in. If you send everything to everyone, they will soon tire of receiving your emails and could even add you to their spam list.

There are a lot of different ways with which a list can be segmented. Try popular services like Aweber and Mailchimp for easy segmentation.


Personalisation isn’t only about including the recipient’s first name, although that is a good start. You can delve in deeper by sending content that is relevant to their geographical area, history of purchase or even job title depending on the type of business you own. Use the information you already have of the person to make your emails personalised. When asking people to subscribe using their email id, you can ask them a short questionnaire to get more information about them.

Responsive emails

Sending emails that will not show correctly on mobile devices can result in lower click-through rates by default. Remember, when people try to click links on mobiles, they will have less screen space, which means you should ensure the link buttons are big enough to be clicked without frustration. If there are more than one link buttons, leave enough room to ensure nearby links are not accidentally clicked.

Show urgency

Using offers that are for a limited time and even using countdowns in your emails can make people want to act faster rather than forgetting. You can get templates for the countdown emails. These have been shown to increase click-through rates by almost 150%!

Don’t flood inboxes

Overmailing is a big problem for many marketers. Few are sending multiple emails a day which is clogging up recipients’ inboxes. It’s like the annoying cold caller that rings your home each and every day. In the end, your attitude towards them changes and the same happens with email marketing. Give people enough space in-between your emails. You can even give the subscribers a way to choose how often they would like to receive emails from you. Customers like to feel that they are in control. 

More than four email a week have been shown to drop click rates considerably.

Trial and error

Make changes to your email’s length, content and even formatting and sit back and wait for results. You will soon see what is helping and what is hindering your campaign. Sometimes, trial and error is the best method to improve your emails.

Although getting a better click-through rate is important, it should not be put before the ultimate goal. And the ultimate goal is the conversion rate. Do you agree?