Social media marketing is of no use if you aren’t able to use it correctly to achieve your marketing goals. This is particularly the case for those who rely on a social media team to help promote both themselves and the business they operate. Since your team is getting paid for contributing to managing the social media marketing of your business, you should make sure you are getting the best value for their time. Making sure they are productive and getting things accomplished is a goal of anyone who wants to succeed and do better in social media marketing.

Building a more productive social media team

Usually, when you think of social media marketing teams, productivity isn’t accounted for that seriously. However, there are ways in which you can turn that slacking of time, into something more productive. Here are few tips that we’ve come up with that can help you make the most of your social media team.

  • Timing is everything!

One thing you would want your to do is to monitor the peak engagement times of the social websites. If Facebook is your primary social media outlet, then monitor its busiest hours, and that’s when you want to promote your content. Posting during peak hours gives you better reach for your content, and a better return on the time your team has put into creating it.

  • Going through the right channels

Not every social media website is going to be right for the type of work you do. That’s why you and your team need to find the websites that are best placed to help you reach your target audience. Create a plan, and then post and share content that is relevant. Steer clear of the sites that you’re not going to benefit from, as they’ll eat up time and valuable energy of your team for nothing.

  • Productivity Tools

Tools like TrelloSlack and Basecamp are powerful weapons in being able to make the most productive use of available time. These tools can help your team organise their tasks, brainstorm new ideas and have a proper set of procedures in place for marketing on social media.

  • Learn how to work your team

Obviously, you’re not going to want your team to post every little thing that is said or done about your business. Therefore, if they are instructed to post only the crucial information or that which is likely to drive sales, you’re off to a good start. Make sure they’re posting relevant information that people are going to want to see, targeted to the right audiences, and that can drive business up.

  • Know what belongs online and what doesn’t

There are just going to be some issues and things that shouldn’t be shared or put online. Certain situations with consumers aren’t going to always benefit you. This is why it’s so important that you train your team properly. Time spent on handling the negative comments on something posted online is not productive time.

The ultimate goal of any social media team should be constant growth. And constant growth happens only when there is a constant improvement. That’s the reason productivity is important.