How to promote youtube channel

YouTube is widely popular among internet marketers. This video platform has seen explosive growth in recent years, and it is the second most popular search engine too. There is no surprise that often people try to monetise their YouTube channel, but the success depends on how good the promotional tools are. The guide below introduces you to the essential tools and strategies for growing your YouTube channel.

1. Learn about video SEO 

Optimising for SEO can make your videos accessible to thousands of YouTube users. But what does optimising really mean? The primary factors contributing to the visibility of your videos are tags and keywords in the description, the length of the video, likes, and comments, and the title tag. There are many more influencing factors, but these are the main players. Few good practices for optimising your videos are adding long descriptions, using keywords people search for, and promoting subscriptions.                          

2. Be an active participant in the community

Even if you have the best SEO skills, one of the greatest ways of promoting your channel is to be a part of the communities of like-minded individuals. This will create a lot of organic traffic as you will be targeting the right audience. Furthermore, the connections you make in these communities may later develop into collaborations or your most loyal fan base.

3. Use captivating titles

The title is the first thing people see when they stumble across a video. It is the deciding factor between clicking on it and giving it a pass. Always choose titles that are straight to the point and short. Your video’s title should also include the primary keyword. Vague or long titles tend to be less appealing.

4. Engage with your followers

Ensure that you swiftly reply to all the comments left by the subscribers. When you are being helpful and answering the questions people have, you essentially help them trust you more. Never be rude or leave genuine questions unanswered.

5. Employ other social media platforms for promotion

Having presence across various social media websites helps you reach as many people as possible. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and internet forums. Besides from gaining an audience, this builds backlinks to your channel adding to search engine optimisation.

6. Create competitions

Users get excited when there is a possibility of getting something for free. Announcing a giveaway is a good tactic to grab attention and increase engagement. Make the rules of the contest fun, so that users are inclined to participate, even if they don’t really care about the prize. Another good idea is to make the giveaway only applicable to subscribers, prompting the new audience to subscribe to your channel.

7. Create collaboration videos

An amazing tool for expanding your follower list is to collaborate with other YouTubers for an exclusive video, or a complete video series. Collaboration with someone who is in the same niche is equally beneficial to both sides and will make your channel more authentic.

YouTube is incredibly influential in establishing your online authority. Using the proven techniques can help you stand out from the crowd and attain a mass following even in the most popular niche on YouTube.