Social media is not just a marketing tool, it can impact almost any business sector – for instance, as we found in one of the recent studies, social media is a key channel for brand awareness, engagement lead generation, customer support and much more.

Setting goals now will help you see if you’re going to achieve what you’ve expected for your social media marketing in the coming year. Below are 5 guidelines for setting social media goals to track and achieve in 2020.

1. Link your social media goals to your business goals

It might be tempting to try to do everything possible with your social media marketing. Alternatively, take a step back and define your marketing goals and then align your social media with those overall goals. Are you trying to sell more to your existing customers? Get more leads? Is it the ideal customer? Boost your relationship with clients? You probably don’t have the time or the money to do it all, so just focus on your tactics.

2. Decide how you’re going to measure your social media targets and produce monthly reports

So, you’ve listed the social media goals that are important to your bottom line. It’s time to identify how to monitor your progress. Build a monthly report with metrics relevant to your goals. Many social platforms provide you with more information than you need. You don’t need to examine all the metrics. Just those who share your goals. For example, if you’re trying to increase revenue with an established customers, notice how many visits to your website are new to existing customers in your analytics. Or if you’re trying to get attention from an ideal customer profile, search the statistics of your social profiles in your analytics to see who’s responding to your posts and advertisements. Whatever your goals are, be very specific when you examine your results to see if you’re making progress.

3. Divide your big goals into smaller ones 

Take a look at the initiatives and promotions in your calendar and prepare different activities leading up to launches and events. Ensure you have time to review what marketing tactics work best so that you can strengthen them in your next three-month planning cycle.

4. Understand that social media advertising may be required for success

A few years ago, we could all post some content, do some engagement, and the social media gods used to reward us with lots of new followers and tons of engagement. However, then came the algorithms that restricted the reach of the posts, plus a few million people jumped to all the social platforms. As a consequence, you now need to pay to show the posts on social media platforms. It’s important to be strategic again. Place your marketing dollars behind the advertisements that support your marketing goals.

With the social media marketing changing so quickly, it’s critical to start setting up your social media marketing goals NOW to measure your success in 2020!