Anyone familiar with marketing reporting and tracking different variables knows that it can become a nightmare without having the right tools. Social campaign reports can be especially difficult due to data being dispersed across many different platforms. This is where a link managing platform like enters the picture and saves the day. The following points explain how you can leverage to create accurate and fast social campaign result analysis.

Simplify the process

Traditionally, marketers use UTM parameters in order to track where is the audience coming from. However, UTM parameters, which are tags added to your URL, can be fairly tricky to set up for a less tech-savvy marketing professional. This poses an obvious issue, and makes campaign reporting unnecessarily difficult. enables you to avoid the process of setting up UTM parameters for each campaign link, and still tracks all the campaign activity you need to see. All you have to do is follow instructions provided by on how to add a simple tag at the end of your campaign URLs, and insert the customised links to their tool. This way, every link becomes trackable on’s platform without going to unnecessary lengths.

See the link stats of your campaigns has a dashboard feature which displays your data metrics. The graphics show your top bitlinks, as well as the number of clicks. This makes it easy to see and identify the top performing campaigns. Just by accessing your account, you can immediately see any movement in your social campaign results, and look at the metrics of all social platforms at the same time, including Instagram which is known to be difficult to track.

Unified metrics for all channels

It isn’t easy to come across a marketing tool which shows you the whole picture, as opposed to working with one specific channel. gives the ability to analyse all your channel activities, campaign results, and other marketing efforts in the same place. This not only saves time and energy, but it gives you a better understanding of the overall figures of all variables.

Audience intel for extra insight

Audience intel gives a deeper insight into the analysis by enabling you to filter data. This is especially useful for the marketers who have campaign directed at the users of specific mobile devices. You can refine the results in a way that helps easily draw parallels between a device and social behaviour. This feature of also incorporates graphics of data statistics, making it quick to understand.

In summary, is one of the gems of marketing industry that allows you to get the accurate metrics of your social campaigns, analyse the behaviour of your audience, and track movements between all your social channels. If tracking link clicks for your social campaigns involves a lot of manual work, transporting data and adding the numbers up, you should consider switching tools. eliminates most of the hurdles, helping you attain your social media campaign metrics faster than other tools.