In order to have people following you and engage with your content, you’ve got to post things that are relevant to your topic. This might mean when you typically post about one topic, you’ve got to find content that goes along with it. Followers want to see information that is pertinent to them and that is the reason they are following you in the first place. Google Alerts is one accurate, and great way to do exactly that. Not everyone is familiar with Google Alerts, and that is why we’re going to discuss it this blog post so you can use it to your advantage.

Google Alerts

If you are new to Google Alerts and how it works, we’ll provide a quick rundown. Google Alerts allows you to keep track of specific keywords when they appear online. Google Alerts will alert you every time the keyword you are tracking appears on the web. Let’s say if you are tracking ‘Facebook Marketing’, then whenever a new piece of content is published online with the keyword Facebook Marketing, you’ll get a notification.
Depending on what topic you want to follow, you can have Google keep track of those specific keywords and send you emails on alerts as they appear.

How you can use Google Alerts

One major part of having followers on social media is being able to manage the content and knowing what you should be sharing and what you shouldn’t. Google Alerts is great for this because you can not only target specific keywords and topics, but you can actually find trending keywords to share content with. You can effectively sift through the stories and find what would interest your followers and share only that. 

Here’s how to create a Google Alert-

  1. Go to
  2. Search for the keyword you want to track or browse through the trending keywords to track
  3. Enter your email on which you would like to receive notifications
  4. Select the specifications like the frequency of updates, language, region, sources and when alerts should be sent to you
  5. Hit Create Alert and you’re done!

Apart from finding curated content to share, you can use Google Alerts to keep track of your online reputation too. Many brands are curious to know what people are saying about them. Google Alerts allows them to gather information and hear what the people have to say in a more indirect method. From there, they can form a plan or course of action to make sure they’re still viewed positively.

What you can track with Google Alerts

  • Your brand name and related keywords
  • Topics for which you want curated content
  • Competitors
  • Trending keywords related to your industry for ranking potential

Perhaps your followers want to see something specific from your brand or have a complaint that hasn’t been addressed to their liking. With Google Alerts, you can now take the feedback and address it in a positive and helpful way.

Have you used Google Alerts before? How has been your experience? We would love to discuss it in comments!