Putting all eggs in a single basket simply doesn’t work for internet marketing. Mere SEO and text content marketing alone won’t do it. One way to add an edge would be to include video marketing into your current repertoire.

Why micro-videos?

Videos offer the addition of entirely unique audience alongside your loyal followers. Stats has it, on average, viewers prefer to watch 60-90-second videos more than longer conventional videos.

Do micro-video platforms make the impact?

Micro videos have created an entirely new medium for brands to express. A how-to video of 30 seconds or less makes people learn stuff and have fun without draining brain’s energy. People become quickly addictive with these micro-videos. There is no doubt about the optimal levels of engagement.

Conveying message through micro video platforms:

When done right, micro videos are the sharpest promotional tools. Keep your attention-grabbing ‘first text’ on the video short and precise. Share the videos on your social media pages to leverage impact. On company’s website, stack the videos on a video deck for the painless viewing experience. Put animation effects to use, but just don’t overdo it.

Trending and future sites to consider:

Vine: This Twitter owned platform allows sending 6-seconds videos.

Instagram: The site has allowed users to create fifteen-seconds micro videos.

Snap Chat: The mobile platform allows 1-10-seconds micro videos.

Keek: This new site has gathered 60 million users already.

Viddy: This app allows 30-seconds videos and special effects can be added with the music too.

Mix Bit: It’s the YouTube’s own app inspired by vine allowing 16-seconds videos.

GIF’s – The alternative way:

Considering the amount of system resources videos take, most people feel more at ease with GIF images. It does the same job of a video with the exception of “pause and play” feature. It has been the most progressive move for Tumblr.

Futuristic scope analysis of micro-video platforms:

With evolving internet technologies and speedy internet access going worldwide, in future, micro-video platforms are going to have a lot of activities. Smarter brands have already made their move, and the rest would follow in due course. 

What’s your take on this? Will you be using any micro-video platforms?